The commandments

What we stand for ?

Golf is a game for ladies and gentleman, so when one goes for a round of golf be it: social or tournament golf one is required to behave as a lady or a gentleman and abide by golfing etiquette

Yes, JAWS is a golf society promoting camaraderie and fun on the course but abiding by our societies rules of etiquette we can assure you of a much better and valuable golfing experience for your playing partners and yourself.

Not only must we uphold our reputation as a society at golf courses, don’t forget to value your own reputation as a golfer on and off the golf course, after all… we are all gentlemen and ladies who choose to play a ladies and gentlemen’s game.

When joining a JAWS Golf event, you are expected to behave as follows

Respect is key

Always arrive at the course 30 minutes before your tee time, we live in Jakarta, which is prone to bad traffic, so make allowances, this gives you time to be on standby 10 minutes before your tee time.

Dress appropriately, golf shirts with collars please and tailored golf shorts/pants or skirts. Always wear golf shoes not trainers. Dress smart you will play better.

Turn your phone on silent, nothing is more frustrating then the sound of a mobile during your backswing.

Remain quiet during play, when a playing partner is playing respect them by being quiet to prevent any possible distraction during the shot.

Play the ball as it lies, no exceptions. By no means can you improve your lie, unless it’s very wet and “winter rules” has been agreed allowing players to lift and clean on the fairways and greens. If the ball is clearly embedded, relief can be taken with no penalty stroke. 

Always be aware of where you are standing on the course, you never want to standing directly behind or in front of someone as they can see you in the corner of their eye, it’s distracting, so don’t stand there when they are hitting, chipping or putting. Remember to tell your caddy early during the round so they do not to make the same mistake.

Never step on people lines on the putting green, the line between a player’s ball and the hole. This is sacred ground, so stay away from it.

Pace of Play is fundamental, always press to keep up with the group in-front, this will ensure the group behind is not waiting before shots. 

Please always tip your caddy appropriately after your game, respect the work done by them

Always shake-hands with your player partners after the round, win or lose it’s called courtesy. 

“The object of Golf is not just to win. It’s to play like a gentleman, and win.” Phil Mickelson

Our Behavior

Behavior- We are what we speak or how we act on the golf course, this not only speaks to the world about us as a person but also shows the character of the JAW’s Golf Society that we represent.

Let’s show respect for our caddies, the golf course, all the support staff on and around the course , your playing partners and above all your own self. 

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