Weekly Game Schedule

Ideally we would request all JAWS SHARKS to register a minimum 36 hours prior to any game so as to enable proper scheduling of flights and pairings.

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JAWS September 2022 Schedule

30th September – Friday (pm) Cengkareng – Day 1 Eithad Cup

UPCOMING October – November 2022 Schedule


7th Friday (pm) Cengkareng – Charity Scramble

12th Wednesday (am) Gunung Geulis East Course

19th Wednesday (am) BSD

28th Friday (pm) Cengkareng – Etihad Cup ‘Foursomes’


4th Friday (pm) Cengkareng – Charity Scramble

9th Wednesday (am) Jagorawi Old Course

15th Tuesday (am) Sedayu Indo Golf

25th Friday Cengkareng (pm) – Etihad Cup ‘Singles’

Please sign up on MYGOLF2YOU like usual for upcoming games

Please note although the schedule is published there is a possibility of a relocation or change of venue for valid reasons by the JAWS Admin team.

Please sign up on MYGOLF2YOU like usual…

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Arnold Palmer

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