Weekly Game Schedule

Ideally we would request all JAWS SHARKS to register a minimum 36 hours prior to any game so as to enable proper scheduling of flights and pairings.

Register to join a game here

Next Up on the October Playing Schedule:

Friday 8/10 – 12pm+: Permata Sentul

Tuesday 12/10 – 8am: Jakarta Golf Club

Friday 15/10 – 12pm+: Emeralda – JAWS Singgasana World Cup Round 3

Tuesday 19/10 – 8am: Pangkalan Jati

Friday 22/10 – 12pm+: Kedaton

Tuesday 26/10 – 8am: Riverside

Friday 29/10 – 12pm+: Imperial

 “Success in this game depends less on strength of body than strength of mind and character.” 

Arnold Palmer

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