the 4 bandits

It all started around the end of 2019 and closer to Christmas when a couple of us were staying back in Jakarta for Christmas / New Year and decided to make a group for a couple of us friends to play golf on the weekdays.

What started with 6 to 8 friends, suddenly became an idea for playing golf on weekdays in the Jakarta / Tangerang area and so was born the idea of JAW’s between the first 3.
Chris Lever & Divya Ahuja both avid social golfers said, why not give it a try and soon roped in Simon Reynolds who himself is a single digit bandit and so was formed Jakarta Albatross Weekday Golf Society.

In the weeks to come John Packer also joined the administrative committee and today JAW’s hosts an average of 2 weekly games with one to two flights per game every week.

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