JAWS Handicaps & USGA Rules

Check your own handicap at particular courses here

(Club ID is Jakartagolf, password is Wymer)

See how your Handicap Index was derived here

Club ID is Jakartagolf (if needed but should go straight to name list), all players can be searched by their surname.

All JAWS players are responsible to ensure all rounds played are submitted for handicapping purposes. To submit scorecards for entering into the system, for games played outside of JAWS, Tee Set or D.O.G.S. regular events which are otherwise entered automatically, please send a copy of the card to  teesetcards@gmail.com.

Please ensure the date played, name(s) of the player(s), tees played and the gross adjusted score are all clearly marked. The maximum score per hole is a net double bogey so please show any adjustments needed on the card .. e.g.: Gross 98, Adjusted 95.

Please note the maximum regulated handicap cap for JAWS SHARKS is as follows
Male- 28  Female- 36 , This has been done to avoid any challenges for everyone.

We play under USGA Rules

Explanation of the JAW’s Handicap System.

A handicap is a numerical measure of a golfer’s potential playing ability based on the tees played for a given course. It is used to calculate a net score from the number of strokes actually played during a competition, thus allowing players of different proficiency to play against each other on somewhat equal terms.

The higher the handicap of a player, the poorer the player is relative to those with lower handicaps. “Official” handicaps are administered by golf clubs or national golf associations. Exact rules relating to handicaps have varied from country to country but from 2020 a World Handicap System will be in place for all golf unions and Tee Set shall follow this as part of our adherence to the USGA guidelines we have historically applied.

Checking your Handicap

You can check your current JAWS handicap against any course we play by visiting our handicap site here and putting in Jakartagolf as your club and Wymer as the password

Which rounds did my handicap come from?

You can see the rounds against which your current handicap has been calculated (and therefore a maximum of 20 rounds) by visiting this site http://www.ehandicap.net and once again putting Jakartagolf as your club and this time searching on your own Surname, or anyone else’s for that matter. No password is required.

How was my Handicap calculated?

A handicap is calculated with a specific arithmetic formula that approximates how many strokes above or below par a player might be able to play, based on the ten best (from 2020, 8 best)  scores of their last twenty rounds (with special provisions for “new” players).

Special Provisions for “new” players

Players new to JAWS are always anxious to get a handicap which requires a minimum of 5 scorecards to be recorded in our system.

To allow them to speed the process along they can also  provide us with up to 3 cards from any course already in our database (all Jakarta area courses are fine) as well as their JAWS rounds.

Please note that such cards must be relatively recent (no older than 2 months) and must include the player’s name, date of play and tee box played from as well as all the usual hole by hole information. Cards that don’t have all this stuff are immediately filed in the WPB.

So in reality a player’s “real” handicap will only start to emerge once 20+ scores are in the system.

Some Important Definitions

Scratch and Bogey Golfers

Under the USGA system a golfer whose handicap is zero is called a “scratch golfer.” A golfer whose handicap is approximately 18 is called a “bogey golfer.” It is possible to have a handicap below 0; these are referred to as ‘plus’ handicaps, and at the end of the round, a ‘plus’ handicap golfer must add his handicap to his score. If his handicap is a plus number, like +3, then adding that number to the number of total strokes will actually increase that golfer’s final score. If a player shoots a 69 and has a plus 3 handicap, his final adjusted score will be 72.

Course Rating

Again under the USGA system, a golf course is described by two numbers, the course rating and the slope rating. The course rating of a particular course is a number generally between 67 and 77 that is used to measure the average “good score” by a scratch golfer on that course.

Slope Rating

The slope rating of a particular course is a number between 55 and 155 that describes the relative difficulty of a course for a bogey golfer (defined above) compared to a scratch golfer.

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