JAWS at Bogor Raya

Friday 18th March 2022

“Golf is about how well you accept, respond to, and score with your misses much more so than it is a game of your perfect shots.“

– Bob Rotella

11 JAWS players headed down the Jagorawi Toll road turning off at the ‘Bogor Botanical Gardens’ exit and towards the well manicured gardens of Bogor Raya and its lush and tropical resort golf course. With its unintimidating and friendly course design, beautiful landscaping, fantastic clubhouse facilities and practice area its unsurprising that the previous visit was popular hit with the JAWS Friday Golfers.

With the admins taking a gamble shifting this week’s visit to a midday tee off, many JAWS players were too concerened about the likelihood of afternoon rainfall hence the small turnout of 11 players. As predicted, there was heavy rainfall in the late afternoon, but this did not stop the majority of the players completing their rounds, despite wet, windy and damp conditions reminiscent of Scotland. 

The Play:

Douglas Ure clearly felt at home in the Scottish weather conditions putting togther a tidy round of golf on this rainy Friday afternoon posting a Nett 69 to take home Best Nett 1 winnings, well played Douglas. ROW World Cup Captain, Willi Goldschimdt, consistent as ever, even in wet and windy weather posted a nett 72 to take home some poket money with Best Net 2, well played Gentlemen. 

It seems the JAWS admins were overly optimistic about the beginning of the dry season and end of of the rainy season as heavy rain fell towards the end of the players rounds, with one flight preffering to suspend their round whilst the remaining two flights soldiered on and completed their rounds despite a soaking from the rain.

Welcome back to Shiva Pandey, Mi Hwa, and Olivier Merle who we haven’t seen since the Christmas period, and thanks for introducing our Social Golf community to your friend: Vincent Bernier.

Congratulations to the Winners: 

Best Nett 1: Douglas Ure / Nett 69

Best Nett 2: Willi Goldschimdt / Nett 72

A gentle reminder to all JAWS players who are competing in the 2022 Matchplay there are merely 4 weeks left to complete your Round 1 Group stage, matchplay games, in order to avoid any points deductions from forfeitures get those matchplay games lined up and completed at Cengkareng, either during a JAWS fixture or in your own time.

See you at Cengkareng on Tuesday Sharks!

Happy Golfing! Sharks…

The ‘Upcoming’ March’22 Playing Schedule

  • 22nd Tuesday:  Cengkareng
  • 25th Friday: Riverside
  • 29th Tuesday: Modern
  • 1st April: 2-person Scramble, JAWS CONNECT ENERGY CHARITY LEAGUE #2

@Jagorawi Old Course 

Please sign up on MYGOLF2YOU like usual…

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