We look forward to welcoming you on our up and coming JAWS midweek games, feel free to contact our committee members for information & scheduling of our upcoming games.

We have a Whats app group that operates as a live JAWS Forum for the societies golf schedule and activities and where members can actively communicate amongst one another, please click on the below link to join.

For any other queries , partnerships, marketing opportunities or anything else, please send us a message on the attached form below or contact one of the administrative committee members listed on this page.

Get in Touch

Administrative Committee
Bobby C & Stephanie Rina
Pras Sutowo & Simon Reynolds
Chris Lever, Divya A & Jim Korbilas,

Send Us a Message

To be a part of the JAWS Society

Please click the below link in case you would like to to join the JAW’s whatsapp golf group

*We welcome all golfers to play*

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