Jaws Hammer Head Cup 2021

Dear JAWS Sharks 🦈

Us Humans are a special breed and we love challenges, those which promote growth and improvement as no one likes to stay still we need to strive to keep improving. The JAWS admins would like to introduce the: JAWS Hammerhead Cup 2021 event, every 3 months.

The newest round started 10 September and will run until 31 December.


All scores from each JAWS player played at JAWS games from April 1st – June 25th are recorded.

A minimum of 6 scores/games are required to join the event

The lowest 6 nett scores for each player are selected

The average nett score from the low 6 nett scores is calculated

In the event that players are in a draw, the best 7,8,9 nett scores will be evaluated πŸ™

There is NO SIGN up for the Hammerhead Cup – just play at least 6 times in 3 months – we will keep records. This is an EXTRA incentive only. For all games, players will play for Best Nett as usual.


BEST NETT 1 (lowest best nett average): Hammerhead Cup Trophy and Hammerhead Golf Shirt

BEST NETT 2 (2nd lowest best nett average): 2nd Place Trophy and Hammerhead Golf Shirt

BEST NETT 3 (3rd lowest best nett average): 3rd Place Trophy and Hammerhead Golf Shirt

Trophies are kindly sponsored by our friend and committee member Willie Norhona.

On behalf of all the JAWS admins we are excited to kick off the JAWS Hammerhead Cup 2021 at Cengkareng β›³, 31 March 2021 at our 12pm tee off and good luck to all participants!

Warm Regards and Happy Golfing β›³

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