JAWS Matchplay

2021 MP Finalists: (L-R) Hari Tian and Chris Lever

JAWS Matchplay 2022

We are pleased to announce the first special event for JAWS for 2022, the JAWS MATCHPLAY for the SHARK OF THE YEAR trophy

There will be 2 winners for this event

The JAWS GREAT WHITE SHARK OF THE YEAR               (1st place)

The JAWS TIGER SHARK OF THE YEAR                           (2nd place)


  • There is no fee to join.
  • A sign up sheet will be sent out on the 15th January 2022 and then all names added to a whatsapp group.
  • The deadline for signing up is on the 29th January.
  • The matchplay draw will take place after the game on the 4th February.

SCHEDULE ( note these dates may change)

15th JanuarySign up sheet sent out
29th JanuaryDeadline for sign ups
31st JanuaryDraw takes place- 32 players.8 groups of 4Draw at Bandung,  displayed in Networking- whatsapp group set up,
1st FebruaryMatchplay games startGroup games- displayed in the whatsapp group.
29th AprilDeadline Group gamesstart of Ramandan (2nd April)
3rd MayKnockout draw takes placeLast 8 can play after the draw 
27th MayDeadline for quarter finalLast 8 
24th JuneDeadline for semi final.Last 4
15th July Final of the matchplay.Play for 1st  and 2nd.

Rules for this event “MATCHPLAY SHARK OF THE YEAR”

  1. Chris Lever and  Fernando Gaggino will coordinate all games.
  2. As always, with all JAWS events, for the Match play. Men will play off the blue tees and ladies will play off the red tees.
  3. All matches must be played at Cengkerang G.C, at the players convenience to avoid disputes over the choice of venue,
  4. The format of the competition will be 75% of the difference in handicaps.

Example: HC 10 plays HC 20, Difference is  10( 20-10) x .75= 7.5-=8 rounded up.

  1. First round– Players are put into groups of 4 and will play each other. 3 points for a win , 1 point for a draw. The winner with the most points will go through to the knockout stage.
  2. In the event of a tie for the winner of a group.

Step 1) If both players have the same amount of points, then the winner will be the player who won the head to head match.

Step 2 ) If both players draw and say have 7 points each, then the tie will be decided as follows: 

 If player A won his/her round robin matches, 5 and 4, then 2 and 1. Player B won his/ her round robin matches, 2 and 1 and 3 and 1. Player A goes through because he/ she won 7 and 5 versus 5 and 2 ( greater margin of victories in the group). Losses count as negatives if applicable.

If still tied then the lower handicapper will go through.

Note, ideally we want 64, 32, 16 players joining but in the event of this not happening, a person who finishes 2nd in the group may be eligible to go through.

We look at the scores and decide based on points and head to head games who will go through if this occurs.

In the event of 2 players having identical points in 2nd place, then we will apply step 2 as above.

If a player is unavailable for the 2nd round, then the 2nd in the group will go through.

  1. Matches should be played using the latest handicap/ index. Ideally from myGolf2u.
  2. If a player is unavailable for a long specified period of time(see timetable), then the player will forfeit to avoid holding up the competition. 
  3. Any disputes/ disagreements between the players will be discussed by the JAWS Admins and their decision is final.

2nd round- straight knockout.

In the event of a tie: (For knockout purposes ONLY.)

All games should be finished on the day ideally, if possible. The players can continue to play sudden death hole by hole until the game is settled.Or the players can arrange a putting or chipping competition (at the discretion of the players.) Or if both players decide that they want to arrange a replay within the time frame as long as it does not extend the last date of the deadline of the schedule.

Cancelation of Games

After a matchplay has been arranged and confirmed by both parties, it can only be canceled no later than the day before the match and with confirmation from both parties that they are aware of the cancellation. If the match is canceled on the same day, the golfer who did not cancel, at his discretion, may declare forfeit by the other golfer or postponement to another day.

Cancellations for medical reasons are allowed at any time

.Suspensions and Resumptions.

If a game is not completed due to poor light, heavy rain or lightning then both players must resume play from where they stopped.

If they need to return to the course at a later date, then the matchplay should start from where they finished. 

The players can play their normal round but must start their matchplay from where they stopped previously. 

Of course a player can concede anytime. 

Post game, players should send results at the earliest via the whatsapp group. A brief summary of anything special or outstanding in the match play would also be appreciated when reporting results.

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