VIA.COM-Matchplay Shark 2021

The VIA.COM, JAWS MATCH PLAY 2021 for the JAWS SHARK OF THE YEAR 2021 trophy is now ready for kickoff.

56 SHARKS will compete in 2021 for the VIA.COM, JAWS MATCH PLAY 2021

Draws were done on the 5th of February and the match ups are below

The JAWS VIA.COM MATCH PLAY 2021 will bring in the JAWS “SHARK OF THE YEAR” for 2021, and there will be 3 winners for this event 

  1. The VIA.COM GREAT WHITE SHARK OF THE YEAR                  (1st  place)
  2. The VIA.COM TIGER SHARK OF THE YEAR                              (2nd place)
  3. The VIA.COM UPCOMING SHARK OF THE YEAR                       (3rd place) 


8th JanuarySign-up sheet sent out 
31st JanuaryDeadline for sign upsFees paid by all maximum by 5th Feb 2021.
5th FebruaryDraw takes placeDraw displayed to all after JAWS World Cup Round 1
6th FebruaryMatchplay Round 1 startFirst Round ending deadline 11th April 2021
12th AprilSecond Round startsSecond Round ending deadline 9th June 2021
10th June Third Round startsThird Round ending deadline 29th July 2021
30th July Fourth Round startsForth Round ending deadline 15th September 2021
16th September Fifth Round starts Fifth Round ending deadline 30th October 2021
1st NovemberSixth Round starts Play for 3rd Runner Up
 26th NovemberFinal of the match play.Play for JAWS SHARK WINNER and Runner Up


  1. The JAWS admin committee will coordinate all games, their decisions in all aspects will be final and will be rendered after proper consultation. In case of doubt on rules, games will be played to the end and decisions rendered afterwards.
  2. Men will play off the blue tees and ladies will play off the red tees.
  3. All players must have a JAWS handicap. This means you must have played 3 games with JAWS and submitted at least 2 cards before the competition starts.
  4. All matches for the Match play post initial draw must be set up by the 2 competitors and advised to the JAWS Matchplay captain before play.
  5. The format of the competition will be a clear knockout one.
  6.  All match plays should ideally be played on a JAWS event in which both players are registered, unless for some reason both players agree to play it separately and it is approved by the Captain, who has to be convinced that the arrangement is agreed on and will be fair for both players.  If not deemed fair, then the match will be awarded to the player willing to play at the JAWS event. The captain will give several options to players if they cannot agree and the players must agree on one of these choices, example: Matoa 12th or Emeralda 17th.
  7. Matches should be played using the latest JAWS handicap for each player. 
  8.  If there is a difference between the players handicaps, the lower handicap player will give the higher handicap player shots based on the difference of the handicaps. 
  9. These shots will be applied starting from the most difficult hole (ranked 1) up to the hole ranking equivalent to the number of shots being given. E.g. If 4 shots are being given then the shots are given 1 shot each on holes ranked 1 to 4 in difficulty. 
  10.  Matches should be played in line with the specified time limit as determined by the JAWS Committee. 
  11. If a player is unavailable for a long specified period of time (see timetable), then the player will forfeit to avoid holding up the competition. 

In the event of a tie:

  1. All games should be finished on the day ideally, if possible. The players can continue to play sudden death hole by hole until the game is settled. Or the players can arrange a putting or chipping competition (at the discretion of the players). Or if both players decide that they want to arrange a replay within the time frame as long as it does not extend the last date of the deadline of the schedule for the next round and subject to the CAPTAINS approval.

Post game, players should send results at the earliest via the WhatsApp group or email   

A brief summary of anything special or outstanding in the match play would also be appreciated when reporting results.

The winner of JAWS VIA.COM Matchplay will stand to win a SHARK OF THE YEAR Trophy and other prizes for 1st , 2nd and 3rd place. Thank you see you on the fairways at the next JAWS Event.



The results are out – after a closely well fought final battle Hari Taufik emerges the winner and is crowned the GREAT WHITE SHARK of 2020 , well done Hari Taufik, very well deserved.

Not far behind in second place with a silver medal as the TIGER SHARK (after giving him a good fight in the finals) was Willi Goldschmidt, well fought Willi and maybe 2021 will be your year.

A tumultuous year with many ups and downs 2020 had 36 sharks fighting for the GREAT WHITE SHARK – MATCHPLAY award

the fight for bronze is still on between two tough sharks , Arief and Taufik B and results will be out soon ..

Come November planning starts for the 2021 GREAT WHITE SHARK – MATCH PLAY and old rivalries reignited


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