the day that was 23rd February, 2021

Before we go to the day at Imperial GCa total of 124 players have signed up for the JAWS ANNIVERSARY CUP 2021 and the river / lake course is now shut for JAWS on the noon of the 26th February , this promises to be a fun day and we look forward to seeing you there .

The day that was ….

Golfing ‘Wisdom’ of the Day

“Don’t play too much golf. Two rounds a day are plenty”. Harry Vardon

10 JAWS Golfers arrived at Imperial Golf Club on Tuesday 23rd February for the 8am tee time. After a period of miserable weather, tons of rain and floods affecting all of the Jabodetabek region, the 10 Happy Go Lucky Golfers were rewarded with blistering sunshine and blue skies all morning.

The first five ball of sharks consisted of Pras, Jim, Richard, William, and William’s 13-year old daughter Meher. Jim had a very consistent round. 80% of his shots hit his intended target. The only thing that kept him from shooting under nett par was the blow up on the very last hole, but even with that he managed to win the day with a nett 72. 

Richard also had a very consistent round. His easy tempo swing produced a great number of wonderful shots on the fairway, with only a handful of mishots that led to one too many blow up holes that kept him from shooting his handicap. Richard finished with a nett 76, winning him the third best score of the day. 

Pras started the round absolutely fantastically scoring a 41 on the front nine. But as the slow pace of the round meant that there were a lot of time spent waiting under the blistering sun, his fatigue affected his game dramatically. He shot the last 6 holes double bogey or worse. Pras finished the day with a nett 79.

The youngest shark on the JAWS roster Meher, only 6 months into the greatest game ever played, showed signs of great potential. Her drives were beautifully shot, albeit sometimes not landing in the optimal lie. Her inexperience in such a long and undulating course like Imperial proved too much for her, especially playing in such a sumny day. But rest assure, one day she will be the greatest shark in a sea of predators, her passion for the game, already, at a your age is clear.

Her father William on the other hand, seemed to be having the worst round in a very long time. Nothing in his golf bag seem to be working for him on this day as he was only able to score 4 pars, and too many blow up holes. William finished the round with a nett 81. 

Warm sunshine and perfect conditions welcomed the 5 ball group consisting of Chris, Geoff, Bram, Hari and Agus starting on hole one.

Hari and Agus were playing their matchplay with Hari starting well with  a par and taking an early lead. The next two holes were tied but then Hari stepped up and won the next three holes. Agus briefly made a fight of it but the consistent Hari went on to win the match with 5 up and 4 to play.

Geoff was having an off day and started with a triple and then a double par on the front nine but made some amends with a birdie on the par 5, sixth hole. His back nine was better with a 7 shot improvement.

Bram started with a par and was driving the ball long. He was playing quite well until he had a blowout on hole 9 and shot a 9 on the par 5. This then seemed to affect the rest of his game and he made too many triples on the back 9.

Chris was playing well apart from a few slices with his driver and mostly played bogey golf with two pars on the front 9 but he had  a blowout hole on the par 5, sixth hole. To his credit, he then continued to play well on the back nine with a respectful 44 Gross and second place overall.

Congratulations to the Winners:

  1. Jim Korbalis – Nett 72
  2. Chris Lever – Nett 74
  3. Richard Berg – Nett 76

Lucky Draw Winners

1 *Lucky Winner for a Weekday Green Fee Vouchers for Imperial Klub Golf:

  1. Meher (Baby Shark)


The 2021 JAWS member T-shirts are here and are being distributed over 155 plus shirts have been already give out to all JAWS members , balance 35 left for players to collect on the next round they play, please collect your T-shirt from Divya Ahuja 


It is highly recommended that all JAWS SHARKs please 

1. Wear a face mask ideally wherever possible. This is not only for your own protection but also for the protection of all around you. 

2. Make sure you wash your hands regularly.

3. Lastly , If you have been in close contact with a confirmed case: *get tested ASAP* or stay home and self isolate for minimum 10 days.

We believe that most golfers and definitely all SHARKs will behave as responsible adults and will take sensible precautions to prevent themselves or others from getting Covid-19.

The JAWS member FACE MASKS are also here , please collect your free (Origami , 4D) face mask at the next game 


Round one deadline to finish your match on or before 11th April 2021.

Hari tian moves to the second round after winning from Agus.

Iris moves to the second round after winning from Gaurav S.

A gentle reminder to all JAWS participants: the 2021 Matchplay is underway and please contact your opponents to confirm a date and location for your round 1 fixture, the deadline to complete the first game is 11th April, 2021.

May the best SHARK win 


To sign up for this special event please contact Pras Sutowo , tee off is planned at 12 noon for the Friday 12th March (11th March is also a public holiday) and we have very special rates from Parahyangan @ IDR 774,000 per player. Some of us also plan to stay the night at Bandung and play either Mountain View or Ghiri Ghana on Saturday. 


As the new season begun, all eyes were on the two new teams, with JAWS player Simon Reynolds Captaining the side and flying the JAWS Flag from the front in the singles with fellow shark and vice-captain Gaurav Shirke. With a Round 1 performance of 6 points: 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, the JAWS team is quietly confident and content as they prop up the top 3 in third place, within biting distance of the leaders and newcomer’s to the league Jakarta DOGS.


Simon Reynolds 4 & 3 Win

Gaurav Shirke 4 & 3 Loss

Divya & Chris Lever 3 & 1 Win

Hari Taufik & Willie Noronha ALL SQUARE

Randy Albert & Tarlok Singh ALL SQUARE

The next match is scheduled for 14 th March , 11.30 am Tee Off at Riverside GC and the Capt and Vice are now deep in strategy planning for the same.



ROUND 2 – April 9th 2021- foursome matches – 20 players a side – two points each per match 

FORMAT- FOURSOMES– In foursomes, each two-man team plays one ball per hole with the players taking turns until each hole is complete. 

Players alternate hitting tee shots, with one leading off on odd-numbered holes, and the other hitting first on even-numbered holes. The team with the low score on each hole wins that hole. If their scores are tied, the hole is halved.

May the best team of Sharks win !! , the race to 61 points in on !!!


It is VITAL that at the end of a round that all scorecards are checked by at least 2 people in the group. 

NET scores MUST BE CLEAR and the card given in must be signed by 2 people.


JAWS is a golf society promoting camaraderie and fun on the course but abiding by our societies rules of etiquette we can assure you of a much better and valuable golfing experience for your playing partners and yourself.

Not only must we uphold our reputation as a society at golf courses, don’t forget to value your own reputation as a golfer on and off the golf course.

For more details on JAWS GOLF ETIQUETTES please click the link and here below we start a new exercise of RULES CORNER BY JENS ROESTEL , AS SOME OF YOU MAY KNOW JENS IS A QUALIFIED R&A FIRST GRADE UMPIRE , So the idea here is to help as all learn , understand and follow the rules of the game better



• There is now NO penalty for an accidental double hit. All accidental deflections are treated the same way; NO penalty and the ball is played as it lies. 

• During a search for a ball, there is NO penalty if a ball is moved by the player or his caddie. In all cases, the ball will be replaced, it will never be dropped. 

• There is now NO penalty if a ball in motion accidentally hits the player, caddie, his equipment, or the flagstick whether removed or attended. There is only a penalty if it is deliberate or if the player or caddie deliberately positions equipment to stop a ball in motion. 

• There is still NO penalty for a ball or ball-marker accidentally moved on the putting green. 

• There is now NO penalty for carrying a non-conforming club, penalty applies only for using it. 

• On the putting green a ball which strikes a moving leaf after a putt, is NO longer cancelled and replayed. The ball will be played as it lies. 

• If a ball has been moved by an Outside Influence, it must be replaced in all cases including when the spot is not known. It will NEVER be dropped.


Our JAWS 1st Anniversary Event at Emeralda on Friday 26th February is fully booked! The JAWS Admin are looking forward to hosting all players and celebrating our 1st Anniversary together, with our regular 12.15 noon tee off and a special 12.40 pm tee off for our muslim players (post prayers).

See you there !!!!  🦈⛳🦈

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