JAWS at Modern Golf & Country Club

Friday 10th September 2021

The last thing you want to do is shoot 80 wearing tartan trousers.”

 – Ian Poulter, Ryder Cup, European Professional Golfer

16 JAWS Sharks travelled to Modern GCC, to West of Jakarta and the bustling suburbs of Modernland, Tangerang. 

After nearly 3 months since the last JAWS gathering, it was great to have JAWS back on a Friday noon tee off, just like the old days, and the best way to welcome in the weekend. 

Modern G&CC never fails to deliver and several JAWS Sharks made the most of the fantastic Rp. 350,000 walking rate on offer and all enjoyed a golf course in great condition with greens running at 10 on the stint meter.

A gentle reminder to all JAWS players, please DOWNLOAD the MYGOLF2U app on your mobile phone, as we would like to start using the app as the scoring system during our games, we will still continue collect scorecards as normal on game days, but we expect players to input their scores and enter into the app after the game for the system. Handicaps will be managed both on the e-handicap network like normal and MYGOLF2U until December. The plan is to move 100% to MYGOLF2U by January 2022.

First flight of at 12pm from Hole #1 were Jim, Fernando and Andrew: First off the was Andrew. He shot a very good game. Scoring 1 birdie and 11 pars. with a total of 39 on the front 40 on the back. With a total of 79 gross and 74 net to win 4th place over all. Next was Fernando, he seemed to find more bunkers than fairways on the front 9. Struggling a little shooting a 46. He turned it around on the back nine hitting most every fairway and making 7 more pars and shooting a 38. His scored a gross 84 and a net 72 to win 2nd place. Last of the group was Jim. If just driving ‘alone’ could win the game, he would have won, but you need to get the ball in the hole. He hit nearly every fairway, but couldn’t get the ball in the hole: “Drive for show, and putt to save your score”.  Let’s say he struggled on the greens scoring a gross 97 and a net 79.

Second Flight of at 12:10pm from Hole #1 were Jens, Aleksi and Gerald: The play started a little bit delayed in Alexi, Gerald and Jens flight, because an accident on the toll road resulting in the players arriving one by one. Alexi and Jens started as a twosome with Gerald joining before their second shot. The game started difficult for all three and stayed like that for the whole first nine holes. So, results of 45, 46 and 47 were not exactly what they wished for.

One the second nine Alexi found his game and played a super 40, Gerald kept his level head and play and Jens lost it completely. Nonetheless it was a super day out on the course and all three players enjoyed this day of JAWS golfing tremendously.

First flight off at 12pm from Hole #10 were Tarlok, Bram, Kholifan and Stefanus. Clearly a few months of the PPKM lockdown really affected the golf performance of each player in this group. Bram could manage his Driver and fairway woods, however the lack of playing hours caused him to lose the sense of feel for his putting and repeatedly made 3 putts on the green. On the contrary, it was Stefanus’ day where he confidently scored 4 straight pars and a birdie. He admitted that some shots were beyond his expectation and luck was on his side where he sunk a couple of long putts. His impressive final score resulted him winning best net #1 for the day. Tarlok seemed to find it hard to find his usual pace and standard of play. Several times he hooked his driver shots, and chunked a few greenside chips and even uncharacteristically left several of his putts short. Then there was Kholifan, the only single-handicapped player in the group, although he was free from any double bogey’s, there were far too many bogey’s and not enough pars and birdies for a player of his calibre, thus a higher score then ideal on his scorecard. Any how, this was an enjoyable start for the group to be playing back with the regular JAWS schedule after too long away.

Second flight off from Hole #10 at 12:15pm were: Simon, Bobby, Marco and Akita: these four sharks were cashing in on the great walking promo and set off with a bounce in their step on a sunny Friday noon tee time. Simon took a few holes to get the engine warm going double, bogey, bogey start. A solid par on the long hole #4, par 4, hitting the green with a 4 iron from 220 yards followed by a 2 putt. A birdie shortly followed on Hole #8, the up and down front nine finished 42, and the back nine was more tidy with 3 bogeys and 6 pars for 39, for a gross 81 and nett 75.

Bobby hit it solid all day with the long clubs, and is developing a reputation and rightly so for his uncanny length…. Off the tee. His long drives leave him in good positions to attack the greens and fire for the pins. His irons were a little off and not enough greens I regulation, and a few missed short putts could have made it a much more fruitful round. The round ended with a 43 and 43 for gross 86, nett 75.

Welcome back to Marco to JAWS after sometime. Marco similar to Bobby offers great length… off the tee. Marco also after smoking his drive on Hole #4, recovered after a chunked approach shot to get up and down to the back pin to salvage a par and score a 4 hole carry much to the despair of Simon and Bobby. Unfortunately, the hot early round form ran out of steam as Marco finished with a Gross 91 and nett 77. 

A huge welcome back to our long lost Akita, our first every JAWS female player…. Akita played the round with a smile on her face and a spring to her step… having got her second vaccine a few days earlier, she was not bothered about her score and was present just for the fun, exercise and company, a mind set that could be adopted by more players, that would certainly produce some better scoring.

The last flight off from Hole #10, after Friday prayers were: Yasin an Rony Muliana. Yasin and Rony mad the most of the two ball flight and also opted for the walking option finishing only 30 minutes after the earlier flight playing as four balls. Yasin shot 45 & 47, for a 92 gross and 77 nett. Yasin like the other Sharks clearly a little rusty after far too long in lockdown and left several shots out on the course. Doubles could have been bogey’s and bogey’s could have been pars. 

Welcome back to Rony M who has spend the last year or so in Kalimantan. Rony is excited to be back golfing in Jakarta as there are far more courses here and of far better quality. Rony was clearly a little rusty aswell after the extended lockdown with a couple of triples on the scorecard. However, with several pars on some challenging holes suggests the best is yet to come as Rony will receive his JAWS handicap after his 3rd official JAWS game next round.

Congratulations to the Winners:

  1. Stefanus – Nett 68
  2. Fernando – Nett 72
  3. Aleksi – Nett 73
  4. Andrew Deane – Nett 74

Next Up on the June Playing Schedule we have:

17th September 12pm & 12:45pm tee times – Jagorawi New Course

(rp. 500,000 walking & rp. 550,000 with cart)

24th September 12pm & 12:45pm tee times – Gading Raya

(rp. 650,000 with cart) payment to Chris required in advance

The via.com JAWS 2021 match-play update:

The JAWS Match-play supremo Chris Lever (Dark horse) is proud to announce the re-start of the 2021 Match-play comp with the big fish still left in the waters, please see below for the revised schedule and deadline to complete the remaining fixtures:

Round of 16: by the 9th October

Quarterfinals: by the 30th October (8 players)

Semi-finals:  by the 27th Nov (4 players)

The Final & 3rd/4th Place Playoff: by the 17th Dec

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