the day that was: JAWS at Gading Raya

Friday 24th September 2021

19 JAWS Sharks travelled to Gading Raya to West Jakarta and the pleasant suburbs of Gading Serpong for the JAWS regular Friday noon tee off. It was the first time JAWS have scheduled a game at GRGCC on a Friday noon as traditionally it has always been a Tuesday am venue.

Our decision was rewarded with a courses in fine condition, with greens fast and firm and a strong afternoon breeze which was more than welcome to cool down in the hot and baking afternoon sunshine.

A warm welcome to two new JAWS players, Anip and Anul, brothers and identical twins, both new to the game and both clearly infatuated and keen to learn and continue their new journey in Golf.

A gentle reminder to all JAWS players, please DOWNLOAD the MYGOLF2U app on your mobile phone, as we would like to start using the app as the scoring system during our games, we will still continue collect scorecards as normal on game days, but we expect players to input their scores during the round or after in order to keep your scores and handicaps up to date in the app. Handicaps will be managed both on the e-handicap network like normal and MYGOLF2U until December. The plan is to move 100% to MYGOLF2U by January 2022 next year.

First flight of at 12pm from Hole #1 was: John P, Aleksi, Tom Grace and Rony M: The adage “drive for show, putt for dough” rang true for Aleksi, Rony, Tom and John as they attacked Gading Raya on a beautiful Friday afternoon. Aleksi started on the first hole with a big drive and only got longer and more accurate as the day progressed. He wasn’t as precise on the greens which kept him out of the rankings.  

Rony started out slow on the front with big struggles on the greens. Despite the heat, he made an impressive rebound on the back with consistent play from tee to hole.  He finished with an impressive 40 on the back but his struggles on the front kept him out of contention.  

Tom was consistent off the tees and made par on 3 out of the 4 par 3’s.  He ran into some trouble on the back nine which kept him out of contention. 

Fresh back from his hiatus Stateside, John found a few good holes and managed to stay away from his usual blow-up holes.  As a result, he was rewarded with third place in the JAWS rankings and some much appreciated beer cash.  It was a great flight and a great day.

Second Flight off at 12:15pm from Hole #1 was Jim, Douglas, Ola and Andrew Deane: Ola & Jim were playing their match play.

1st on the tee was Andrew. Andrew played his typical game with just a few missed shots. But most of his shots were excellent.  Andrew shot his HDCP with a gross 77 and a net of 72  A very nice round.

Next on the tee box was Douglas. Douglas struggled off the tee at first but seemed to figure it out as the game progressed. He has a nice swing, but has a little bit of a control problem. He scored a gross 100 and a net 82.

Next was Ola. Ola is a long hitter off the tee box. He struggled a little with his driver off of the tee box but made up for it with his second shots. Ola made many second shots from some very tough lies. He scored very good today. Gross of 93 and a net of 67 winning 2nd place for low net.

Last was Jim. Jim played pretty good from the tee box, but as usual his putting cost him a few shots and also cost him his match game. He scored pretty good with a gross 90 and a net 70 winning 4th place.

Ola won the match play against Jim 2up with 1 to play: (2 & 1) Congratulations Ola!

Third Flight off at 12:30pm from Hole #1 was Simon, Gaurav, Fernando and Bobby: First off the tee was Simon, who ripped a cracking 300-yard drive cutting the corner leaving a mere 95 yards to the front pin. His game was a game of two nines, with the front nine of 7 pars, 1 par and 1 bogey resulting in an even par 36, highlighted by the Driver and 3 Wood leaving an eagle putt on Hole#7 resulting in a two putt birdie. The back nine of 41 strokes, lacked consistency with one too many bogey’s and a double creeping onto card, due to some wayward tee shots leaving him in trouble in the long grass. A Gross 77, nett 71, a solid round nonetheless.

Gaurav was next, and had a solid game overall with a 42 on the front but came in much stronger on the back with a 39 for a gross 81 and nett 71 to finish just outside the money. Playing the whole round without his Driver, which was resting in his car at the car park. Tee shots were hit well with either a 3 wood or 5 wood getting good distance and accuracy allowing him to go for greens in regulation from the fairways with relative ease. A hotter putter could have meant a sub 80 round no doubt.

Fernando was up third and always relishes a game on his home turf, being a member at Gading Raya. He was first to admit he was off form and struggled to find the sweet spot all day as he finished with 88 gross and nett 77, as his usually sharp short game failed to rescue his poor approach shots from around the greens.

Bobby, ‘money man’ Cangkrama played his usual canny game, long off the tee and firing at pins. Similar to Fernando, his approach shots failed to capitalise on his good drives as he found himself scrambling around the greens looking to save pars with no enough greens in regulation, resulting in a gross 86, nett 75, clearly leaving one too many shots out on the course.

First Flight off at 12pm from Hole #10 was David and his three female assassins: Rosie, Diana and Reysia. For David it was great to be back at his former home course after a 20+ year absence. David’s game was ok impressively only losing 1 ball throughout the entire 18 holes which is an achievement in itself. To his disappointment he was outdriven, albeit from different tee boxes by his wife on many occasions even after he thought he clipped a good drive. With chest pumped thinking his ball was way down the fairway only to be deflated having realized it was side by side with the wife’s. It was Rey Moore’s first time at Gading Raya, also to play with the JAWS group, and she had a great day, hitting some long drives, however didn’t score so well, as she wasn’t familiar with the course. Diana and Rosie had a great day as always with lots of laughs along the way.  The four ball completed their Friday outing with JAWS in good time and in good spirits.

The second and final flight from Hole #10 at 12:15 was Stefanus (Steve), Anil and Anup: A warm welcome to identical twin brothers Anil and Anup, who despite being newcomers and beginners in the game of golf did not let a high score ruin their fun on a Friday afternoon and their first outing with JAWS. They both clearly enjoyed their first game at GRGCC and picked a great day to play the course for the first time and were both in good moods and in fine form when they performed their welcome dance and introduction to our fellow JAWS golfers in the clubhouse post round, welcome Gents!

Stefanus a.k.a Steve continued his fine form from previous weeks putting together a very solid round of Golf with Pars and Bogey’s dominating his scorecard posting a gross 82 and Nett 66 which was good enough for Best Nett 1 on the day. Steve a regular at JAWS games now, game is going from strength to strength and at this rate of improvement will be a single digit golfer come the New Year! Keep up the good golf Steve!

Congratulations to the Winners:

  1. Stefanus (Steve) – Nett 66
  2. Ola – Nett 67
  3. John Packer (JP) – Nett 69
  4. Jim – Nett 70

Low Gross: Simon and Andrew: 77

Next Up on the October Playing Schedule we have:

Friday 1/10 – 12pm+: Cengkareng

Tuesday 5/10 – 6.30am/8am: Modern

Friday 8/10 – 12pm+: Permata Sentul

Tuesday 12/10 – 6.30am/8am: Jakarta Golf Club

Friday 15/10 – 12pm+: Emeralda – JAWS Singgasana World Cup Round 3

Tuesday 19/10 – 6.30am/8am: Pangkalan Jati

Friday 22/10 – 12pm+: Kedaton

Tuesday 26/10 – 6.30am/8am: Riverside

Friday 29/10 – 12pm+: Imperial

The JAWS 2021 match-play update:

The JAWS Match-play supremo Chris Lever (Dark horse) is proud to announce the re-start of the 2021 Match-play comp with the big fish still left in the waters, please see below for the revised schedule and deadline to complete the remaining fixtures:

Round of 16: by the 9th October

Quarterfinals: by the 30th October (8 players)

Semi-finals:  by the 27th Nov (4 players)

The Final & 3rd/4th Place Playoff: by the 17th Dec

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