JAWS at Cengkareng

Tuesday 8h February 2022

A competitor will find a way to win. Competitors take bad breaks and use them to drive themselves just that much harder. Quitters take bad breaks and use them as reasons to give up. It’s all a matter of pride.”

Nancy Lopez

12 JAWS players headed to Soekarno-Hatta Airport and Cengkareng Golf Club on a Wet Tuesday morning for their JAWS 7-8am Tee times. A warm welcome to Newcomers and to the Brits: Sam Westen and Sean Mulhern, welcome aboard Gents, great to have you(s) join us, looking forward to hosting you both in the future.

This week marked the beginning and opening of the JAWS 2022 Match-Play event with 38 players competing in the 1st Round group stages divided into 8 groups of 4-5 players depending. The format is based on the WGC World MP, where each player plays each group member once, ‘round robin’ with 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss. The winner of each group will advance to the quarter finals.

 Another twist to this year’s format is: all matches are to be played at Cengkareng, making it an even playing field for everyone…. No excuses can be used regarding courses. Good luck to this year’s contestants: play well, play fair and play in good spirits, may the best Shark win. Let’s try and have a winner with a name which isn’t Hari this year…. Otherwise the event will be rebranded the Hari Cup!

Despite the solid rain all morning and very wet and damp conditions there were some very solid scores posted by Lok, Fernando, Tarlok, Subash… all of which won their MPs on the day convincingly. Lok went on a par train unmatched by his competitor on his way to a 7&5 victory! Fernando credits a new; ‘red-faced’ Stealth Driver for his improved game play as he galloped to a 5 & 3 victory over Jeremy. Jeremy started strong with a 39 on the front but some wayward drives coming in cost him. Only 12 putts was needed on Fernando’s back nine as he closed with a 38 to shoot a gross 77, well played sir!

 Tarlok vs Willie G turned out to be a gruelling contest between Mr Consistent vs Mr Consistent with Tarlok Singh edging out Willie G on the day after a hot start where he won a flurry of the opening holes in succession making it too hard for any sort of comeback. Subash, with a potential banana skin fixture against Jens Henning, stuck to his game plan and smooth tempo to ease out a 8 & 6 victory. Well played Gents.

JAWS will return to Cengks in a week’s time where we hope for better weather, faster greens, and more roll on the fairway’s as we expect many more MP games to be played!

Happy Golfing Sharks!

Congratulations to the Team Winners:

  • Best Net I: Fernando Gaggino – Nett 64
  • Best Nett II: Bob Subash – Nett 69

Join us for our upcoming February games in 2022: (all games 7/8am Tee times)

  • 11th Friday:  Rainbow Hills
  • 15th Tuesday: Cengkareng 
  • Friday 18th: Friday Bogor Raya 
  • 22nd Tuesday: Modern 
  • 25th Friday: Special Event 2 man scramble – ‘Charity Donation’  Cengkareng

Please sign up on MYGOLF2YOU like usual…

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