The day that was 17th July 2020

Another visit to the Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus designed Emeralda Golf Course. 24 golfers played the Lake and Plantation course on a very warm day.

Ferando, Ola, Willi and Tony played together.

Fernando came dressed as a wizard and played like a wizard with a magical round of golf and a Gross 76, Net 63 to take first place overall. His impressive round included 12 pars and a birdie. Think we all need to dress up next time!

Willie, making his first appearance with JAWS, shot a very good Gross 89 which included 9 pars- well done! Meanwhile Ola and Tony both found the course tough and were unable to produce their best golf on this occasion or maybe they were dazzled by the ‘Wizard!’

Chris, Sam, Ronald and Parman played in the same group. After playing the first three holes , Sam appeared and joined the group.

Although Sam started well, the heat soon got to him and he was unable to complete his round. Maybe we need to rename Sam as ‘Houdini’ now you see him, now you don’t.

Both Parman and Ronald started well. Ronald was playing well until he got to the Plantation Course.

A delay in the play seemed to affect his concentration and he then struggled on the next 5 holes. However he did get his game back together and finished strongly.

Parman played well throughout his round, often hitting some booming drives. His only bad hole was a triple on the par 5 Lake Couse which cost him.

Chris again started badly with some double pars. However he then played well for the rest of his round and would score much lower if avoiding bad starts.

Teeing off from Hole #3 from the Lake course was Audie, Budi, Aidan and Simon.

Aidan and Simon were aggressive off the tee allday taking every opportunity to use a driver leaving short irons to the green.

Aidan’s shot making was solid all day and his easy birdie on #8 on the Par 5 Lake course was an example of making the most of his length.

A solid drive followed by a long iron left him a few meters short of the green in two, followed by a chip and a putt for birdie. With some work on bunker play and putting, Aidan is well on his way to a single handicap.

Audie spent the round experimenting with Driver and 3 wood off the tee, and it was clear that playing 3 wood off the tee is always a good option as a fairway finder as his ball rarely ventured onto the longer grass.

Some late round fatigue after an afternoon round the previous day restricted Audie who was on course for a on-handicap round. Budi as a newbie to golf, showed remarkable promise for someone very new to golf, and should not wait to find a coach to develop the fundamentals to speed up his progress, there were several signs on the back nine where solid shots were hit which should kept him interested in the game.

Simon was very excited to play the Plantation nine holes for his first time, and upon reaching the Plantation nine after 7 holes on the nine despite a 4 putt on Hole #9 Lake was striking the ball very well. On Hole #8 Lake the short downhill Par 5 Simon made the most of a big slice of fortune and knocked a four-iron onto the green setting up a 12 foot eagle putt.

The putt stopped one revolution short of an eagle but the tap in birdie was satisfying having hit a provisional off the tee box. On the plantation course a few wild shots and 2 penalty drops had him scrambling but a series of long putts from long range saved shots turning double bogeys into bogeys as Simon broke 80 with a 78 despite the penalty strokes.

Bobby, Tarlok, Christine and Sari had a fun round together. 

Bobby played really well with 9 pars and 3 birdies to record a Gross 79, Net 69.

Christine played consistently and scored a gross 91, Net 65 to take 2nd place overall.

Sari continues to play close to her handicap and had several good pars whilst Tarlok played 38 Gross on the Lake Course but shot 9 more shots on the Plantation Course.

Tralok still showing signs why he is a 8 Handicap but just having a bad day.

Beautiful skies, great company and a magical course greeted Srinivas , Randy , Will and Divya.

Srinivas was a man on a mission with his new JAWS armor (JAWS T-shirts are here!!).

He hit drive after drive with precision and accuracy even making a birdie to score a Net 67-well played mate.

Will was not to be left behind , except for a few bad holes he managed to also make a birdie on the long par 5 , for a 28 handicapper, a great achievement, well done Will.

Randy, as always, was being ‘Raging Randy’, tearing the course apart with birdies galore and the odd bogie and double.

He finished with a Net 67. Great hitting mate !

Divya, as always, chugged along and seeing that all 3 partners in the 4 ball had made birdies, managed to pull one of his own too.

A few blowouts  cost him and he ended up with a 6 over handicap score.

Great day out guys … 

Mars suffered on the front nine but was able to have some respite on the 2nd nine with some successive pars on the Plantation course.

James had a bad day.. with blow up on some holes and when a chance of pars came up, putted it short of an inch, several times.

Pak Ketut always found himself in the bunkers which didn’t help his game as well but had some good fairways shots.

Febian, with a DeChambeau style of swing, had some good pars to boost his interest and love of the game.

Thank you again Emeralda GC , you never disappoint us, Ibu Thia , Mba Ratna and Mba Linda and all the ops team for a lovely day out.

Well done to all players for making it another great day out! Congratulations to Fernando who played Gross 76, Net 63 to take first place.

In 2nd place was Christine with a Net of 65 and 3rd place was Srinivas with Net 67 along with Randy on a count back.

The Lucky Draw winners for vouchers at Sentul Highlands were: Jim and Ola

Lucky Draw voucher for Modern: Will.

Next up is the beautiful Cengkareng GC on Tuesday the 21st July 2020, see you there!!

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