the day that was: 12 May at Permata Sentul

 “Golf Tips are like Aspirin. One may do you good, but if you swallow the whole bottle you will be lucky to survive.” – Harvey Penick

29 JAWS Shark headed out of town, South towards the hills of Sentul and Bogor on a public holiday Wednesday, the day before Lebaran.  With the strict goverment regulations and restrictions limiting people’s movement’s in and out of town, Golf courses remained as a legal and regulated destination to get you out the house and into the fresh air before heading back to the safe compounds of your home. Permata Sentul being one of a handful of courses which remained open, like normal, drew huge crowds of golfers with another 131 golfers teeing it up with JAWS during the ‘morning’ session. So after an exercise of patience to get tee’d off and going on course our wait was rewarded with a golf course is fine playing conditions as usual along with fantastic weather, plus PSP’s signature true and fast rolling greens and its famous uphill and downhill extremeties making for an enjoyable and challenging round of golf.

The first 4 some off the 1st tee ( in a long line of golfers ) was Will, Jim, Giles & Aidan. First was Will, He can hit the ball long off of the tees and has a pretty good iron shot, But he wasn’t consistent with his ball striking. Nothing that a few trips to the driving range can’t fix.  Will had 3 pars and scored gross 101 and a net 76.  Next was Giles the longest hitter of the group, but not the straightest today. He was long but a little on the wild side. He has a nice short game. His putting was good but the greens wouldn’t let his ball fall in the cup. He rimmed out at least 4 putts. He had 1 Birdie and 5 pars and scored a gross 91 and a net 80.  Third player was Jim. He hit the ball pretty good except for his putting let him down.  He had over 40 putts.  He also had 1 birdie and 3 pars.  He scored a 93 gross and a 72 net.  Last in the group was Aidan. He is a 12 Handicap that was playing like a 6. His drives were long and straight. His irons were putting the balls on the greens and his putter was sinking most of the putts he hit. Aidan made 2 birdies and  14 pars. A game that anyone would be happy to have scored. He scored gross 78 and a net 66,  Aidan took 1st place and Best Nett, well played sir!

The second flight off Hole #1 were Chris, Laurie, Aryan and Punit: Both Punit and Aryan didn’t start well with both getting double pars on the first hole. Punit then played some good golf but was let down by his irons and second shots despite driving the ball well. Aryan played much better on the back 9 and made a few bogeys but could have made pars with better putting. His highlight was some very long drives and he will shoot much lower once he improves his short game. Laurie drove well as usual, often out driving his younger opponents. His best hole was hole 17 where he made an excellent par but he made too many doubles and triples today. Chris played mostly bogey golf on the front 9 and was quite steady. He stepped it up on the back 9 and was just 4 over after 6 holes but then had a disaster on the par 5 shooting a 9 which destroyed his score. He finished 4 over but could have shot much lower. Despite the course being packed and a slow round, the group enjoyed the playing conditions and fine weather.

Third flight off Hole #1 were Richie, Dan, Punjung and Marco: the flight produced some reasonably good rounds despite tough green conditions on the day. Marco managed his way around the course from at times difficult spots, to score nearly his handicap. Dan improved by 7 shots from a poor front half and Riche had identical scores on both inward and outward nines for a respectable round.  Meanwhile Punjung hit clutch putts all day to score a net 70 to claim one of the prizes, best nett 3 shared with two others.

The last flight off Hole #1 were Simon, Matt, Mark and Michael: after the long wait to hit their first shots, Simon blasted a 260m driver down the fairway to setup a 52 wedge into the green. With his driver performing well he would continue to use it off the tee whenever possible resulting in shorter shots into the greens.His highlight of the day, as his round was in danger of losing momentum in th wring direction, he chipped in with his lob wedge over the deep greenside bunker on the long hole #8 par 3 for a birdie, which filled him with confidence for the back nine as he posted a solid gross 76, nett 70 for best nett 3. Matt T, playing with two gloves, which is very unsusual has a very nice swing and you can see how he has a 4 handicap. A very simple action produces some very good results hitting a little trap draw on hearly all of his shots with incredible accuracy, unfortunately he was forced to leave early to catch a VC meeting back in Jakarta. Mark, a warm welcome JAWS, a very established golfer in the Jakarta weekend societies. Mark kept the flight very well entertained playing a very interesting mix of music from his portable speaker keeping the flight in good spirits on a very slow holiday round of 18. His regulation par on the challenging Hole #18 Par 5 had him finish on a good note, and a nett 75. Michael the high handicapper of the flight played some very respectable golf. Some very tidy iron play and putting had him on course for an under par round  but some overly enthusiastic drives resulted in some duff drives but nonetheless a useful nett 73.

The first flight off Hole #10 were Divya, Bram, Stefanus and Randy: Bram played a quite solid front nine with five pars and no double bogeys. On the back nine he found some trouble on the short game and resulted in a double par on par 3 hole #8, but this was not keeping him out the contention as he shot overall gross of 85 and placed him 2nd best net overall. 

Divya was steady off the tee consistently hitting fairways. The sand-traps did not hold him back where he showed some amazing green-side bunker shots to save pars. However some of his putts led to some disappointments as he mis-read the green breaks. Divya played overall gross of 83, a respectable performance based on his handicap.

Randy always found his intended targets making minor mistakes only. He was the only player in the group to play a steady round on both of front nine and back nine as he finished with a gross 81, winning him the best nett 6, score for the day.

Despite the fact that he was struggling to find fairways causing him a lot of penalties, Stefanus always played with a smile on his face. He made too many double pars and triples but still managed to have one fantastic birdie, where he sunk an amazing put from outside the green. He played an overall gross of 99 and did not show any disappointment and seem to have a very enjoyable round at PSP.

The second flight of Hole #10 were Tarlok, Taufik B, Irwan and Anton: Tarlok was the first player in this flight and the lowest handicap player in the group. After a steady opening nine 42 he lost his concentration on the back nine for a 45 and a gross 87 overall and a nett 73. Taufik B, returning to JAWS abscense also had a solid day on the course. A 46 on the front followed by a 47 on the back, a few too many triple bogey’s blemished what may have been a low nett score. Irwan can hit a good drive but needs to work on his accuracy and short game, as he had one too many doubles and triples on his card. Anton similar to Irwan is also developing a powerful swing but is still lacking consistency and accuracy. With some time with a golf pro and driving range his doubles could be bogeys and his triples could be doubles.

The third flight off Hole #10 were Audie, Jude and Supachai: Audie got off to a steady start, but with family commitments to attend to had to cut the round short after 12 holes. Jude was steady all day long putting together a series of pars, bogey’s and the odd birdie! The highlight being the short hole #12, where two solid shot and a putt resulted in a birdie 3 as Jude finished with a nett 70 and a Best Nett 3 with two other players. Supachai was the third player in the flight. After a rusty front nine 49, Supachai got his game together on the back nine posting 4 pars and 5 bogey’s for a 4 over 40 strokes. The front nine ws a little heavy and resulted in a nett 73 overall but he will be happy with his good finish on the back nine.

The last flight off Hole #10 were Pras, Aleksi, Bobby and Nick; Pras was having trouble the whole round with his driver that resulted in many of his tee off’s  being epunished by penalty strokes. Unfortunately the other aspects of his game were not able to make up for it as he finished with a nett 77. Aleksi was also having a rough day with his drives as almost all of them went into the woods. The day was made worse for Aleksi as his putting was inconsistent on the tricky Permata Sentul greens. Aleksi finished the day with a nett 75. Bobby’s shots throughout the round was by far the most consistent in this flight, but he still had a few blow up holes due to his overeager drives that went out of bounds. Bobby finished with a nett 72. While Nick “Good Swing” finished the round with the worst score in the group, he also pulled off most of the best shots of the day with his trusted 3 wood and 5 iron that would dwarf most long hitters’ best drives. Unfortunately more than a handful of those long shots ended up in hazards and left Nick struggling to finish better than a nett 79.

Congratulations to the Winners:

  1. Aidan Lopon  – Nett 66
  2. Bram Sostenas – Nett 69
  3. Simon Reynolds, Jude Alexander & Punjung – Nett 70
  4. Randy Albert – Nett 71

Lucky Draw Winners

1 Weekday Green Fee Voucher’s for Emeralda:

  • Supachai

3 Weekday Green Fee Voucher’s for Sentul Highlands:

  • Nick Goodwin
  • Taufik Boenardi
  • Will Adrian

Other News:

Happy Holidays to all our Muslim JAWS Golfers who celebrate: Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri, Mohon Maaf Lahir Batin may peace be upon you and your families. 

Next Up after the break we have the following games scheduled: 

  • Tuesday 18th May: Riverside with the 6:30 am & 8:00 am tee off’s, on Greg Norman’s spectacular championship course layout, don’t be surprised to see the JAWS interleague team taking the opportunity to practice in preparation for Round 3 of Interleague.
  • Friday 21st May a SPECIAL EVENT at Modern, where we will play a mix tee box games, where players will play all tee boxes red, white and blue alternate for 18 holes, so 6 holes from each tee box. The Friday Golf Tee-Party! Test your game from three different tee boxes! Players will be licking their lips when they hit from the red tees! 
  • After 2 rounds of the JAWS Singgasana World Cup, Team Rest of the World after a solid Round 2 (Foursomes) have pulled clear of Team Asia: Team ROW 33 / Team ASIA 27. The next Round 3 (Fourballs) will be August 6th at Emeralda, GET READY!
  • JAWS Hammerhead Cup – weekly update.

Best Net 6 scores will be the winner.

End date- June 30th.

14 games left to play.

Update – With 12 games played.

Players with  6 good scores so far: 

1. Jim Korbilas = 427

2. Gaurav= 439

2. Divya= 439

4. Chris 451

5. Bram 455

6. Pras 462.

Players with good scores but not yet played 6 games:

Simon: 72, 75, 76, 68, 70

Stefanus: 69, 77, 78, 83, 83

Willi N: 69, 77, 80

Ruth: 73, 74, 79, 75

Richard Berg: 72, 73, 74

Aleksi: 70, 71, 83, 75

Fernando: 68, 71,  76, 88

Subash: 73, 79, 75

Bobby: 72, 72, 72, 74

Aidan: 68, 66, 71

  • Round 3 INTERLEAGUE, kicks off Sunday 23rd May at Riverside, with The JAWS captained by Simon Reynolds positioned well in 2nd place and are moving in the right direction. With DOGS in 1st Place, JAWS have a chance to chase down the gap of 6 points as they play DOGS in 2/4 matches Good luck to Simon and his team! All is to play for with 4 more rounds still to play.

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