the day that was: 18 May at Riverside

 “Aggressive play is a vital asset of the world’s greatest golfers. However, it’s even more important to the average player. Attack this game in a bold, confident, and determined way, and you’ll make a giant leap toward realizing your full potential as a player.” -Greg Norman

24 JAWS Sharks headed down the Jagorawi Toll to exit 19 at Cimanggis and down towards the famous Riverside Golf Club, set amongst the jungle’s and Cikeas River Valley, to tackle The Great White’s (Greg Norman’s)Championship Course layout. With all it’s risk and reward, winding one’s way through the jungle and over and around huge valley’s and cliff’, it’s not surprising that Riverside is one of the best course to source good quality ‘used’ golf balls, why? Becuase even the single handicappers are losing their balls here! In preparation for Sunday’s Interleague matchplay, where JAWS have started the season strong in 2nd place after the opening two rounds, White tee’s were allocated for the men to allow the JAWS interleague players to dial in their numbers for Sunday’s Round 3 fixture. Unfortunately it created a few hiccups over matchplay games, and the admin team ensures this will not happen in the future.

Riverside is good !!!

First Flight off at 6:30am on a Sunny Tuesday morning were Taufik B, Iris, Michael Muller and Febian: The first flight of the early birds tee’d off from Hole #10 with Taufik B and Iris playing their second round MP and Michael and Febian joining for the ride. Taufik B proceeded to play his regular game relying on a very solid short game and deft putting skills to make up for his lack of distance off the tee. His consistent course management and short game kept him in the game for 18 holes against a very strong opponent in Iris.

 Iris, one of the book makers favourites for this year’s matchplay who play’s a very solid all round game from the red tees. Iris playing her regular game, effortlessly driving onto fairways and hitting green’s she finished the round with a Gross 83 and Nett 69, to share Best Nett 6 and a little lunch money. With the game AS, the match was agreed to be replayed at Bogor Raya and we await the result.

Febian returning after a long absence from JAWS, was looking dapper in his JAWS hat and matching members shirt. A relative newcomer to the game with a high handicap, his game is full of boldness and he has developed a strong tee box game. He was victim to the twists and turns of the Riverside jungle but had a fun round and enjoyed the day.

Michael was the final player in the flight, looking unusually plain coloured, not dressed in his customary JAWS Pink shirt. He played his game in good spirits and to his usual fast tempo not wasting any time and keeping his playing partners on time. A model example for other social golfers to follow. 

Playing at 630am ???

The second flight off at 6:30am were Randy, Hari Taufik, Bram and newcomer Albert Auran: They started from hole #10 par 4. Albert Aruan is a new Jaws rookie as this is his first time joining the group. He didn’t start the hole very well, maybe a bit nervous, playing with new friends. 3 double bogeys and no pars on the first nine rattled his concentration. However, some improvements  were evident on the first three hole of the second nine as he made 3 pars in a row. The rest of the game seemed to frustate him as he posted a gross 93.

That day is Hari Taufik’s day. After a long absence and to return playing with Jaws, he still managed to score 8 straight pars on the first nine, and 6 straight pars on the back nine. He was determined to have a consistent game, hitting most of the greens in regulation, even though several tee-off’s found fairway bunkers or the rough. He shot 77 overall gross, winning him a shared Best Nett 1 of the day. A game of golf very impressive, indeed for a  11-handicapper! 

Bram played the opposite game to Hari Taufik, having no troubles with  his long-driver shots hitting fairways but continued his inconsistency with the short game. Clearly eveident as he shot unnecessary 3-putts on several holes. He managed to score 1 birdie, 3 pars and a lot of bogeys, Bram ended up with a gross score of 87, showing he is very much in contention for the Hammerhead Cup, with the net 71 for the day.

Similar to his previous game at Permata Sentul, Randy played a confident round with a total gross score of 80 despite the first nine of hole #10 blowed him up with a double bogey. The rest of the scores were well maintained where he managed to score 2 birdies and 7 pars. Randy continued his good form and his foot on the podium with a best nett 6 and some lunch money.

A horseshoe away …

The first flight off at 6:30am, playing form Hole #10 were Nick Goodwin, Wahyudi, Emil and Billy Sudiarta: Nick and Billy had not played together since their days wandering the slopes of the volcano course of Mt Merapi in Yogyakarta. But it was also a morning of competition, with Emil and Yudi playing their JAWS Matchplay game. Both Emil and Yudi had nervous starts before settling into their games and the flow of the matchplay. Yudi set the pace with some fine looping draws that consistently made it on the fairway, followed by strong mid and short irons to put himself consistently in position for good scores. His putting was especially strong, reading the greens like a favourite novel. 

Emil had some wayward drives but managed to scramble well to keep in contention. His long irons were in good form and the putter began to warm up as the round progressed. Billy was swinging fast, with some big drives and woods off the fairways plus some fine irons into the par threes. However, he let himself down around the greens with chips and putting not finding their mark. 

Nick had a strong start with his driver finding spots well down the fairway and his irons finding their distance, almost making a hole in one on 14. He found himself at +1 after ten holes, only to slip at hole 3 and then at the treacherous winding holes 6 and 7. When a branch with a snake wrapped around it fell on the cart path just seconds after he went past, Nick knew he had to keep up the pace. Nick managed to hang on for second place overall. Yudi won the matchplay 2 and 1 after a hard fought game with both players agreeing to play the white tee’s.

The fourth flight off at 6:30am were Pras, Punit, Manish and Arhyan: Pras, Manish, Punit and Aryan were the second four-ball in the early morning group. Aryan, the youngest and newest to the sport, is still suffering from the growing pains associated with starting golf. He showed tremendous promise as he was already putting better than some golfers who have been playing golf for years. Aryan finished the day with a nett 87. 

Aryan’s father, Punit, was having a better round than his son at Riverside. His signature fade shots were crucial in him hitting fairways in the dog-leg right holes 3 and 5. Punit finished with a nett 76. Manish had an off day at Riverside, managing only to convert one par putt out of the handful that he had. He finished the day with a nett 77.

Pras started the round in a bad way, he grounded his first drive directly to the hazzard. His second nine he was superb as he managed to finish one over par on holes 1 through 9. Pras finished the day with a nett 66 and tied for first place of the day.

The first of the 8:00am flight teeing off from Hole #1 were Simon, Gary Danskin, James Lyu and Jim Korbilas: Despite some solid play from the tee boxes, Simon’s irons were not the sharpest, which had him in several greenside bunkers and chipping from around the green’s to save par. Nothing a trip to the driving range and practice area can’t fix… and his Gross 85, nett 80 will be easily forgotten. 

Welcome to Gary Danskin, DOGS Captain and Golf Coach playing off a +1 handicap! Very solid all round game, hitting fairway’s and making greens, but performed best on the green’s making 4 birdies, 3 on his front nine for a Gross 72, Nett 73, very inspiring for his fellow flight members to up their games. His 8 iron on Hole #2, was 1 meter away from a HIO, and a tap in Birdie!

James Lyu, armed with his new PXG Golf Clubs, played a very tidy game of Golf. His new Gen 4 PXG driver is getting 20m+ extra distance from the tee, allowing him much shorter irons into the greens. His scorecard was predominately pars and bogey’s demonstrating a very consistent and controlled game of golf, this tricky Riverside greens denied him a few birdies, but a Gross 83, nett 69 resulted in a Best Nett 6 finish and some lunch money. 

Then there was Jim Korbilas, the high handicapper playing off a 19. From his opening drive you could see how he is no. 1 ranked in the Hammerhead Cup standings. His tee ball was solid all day, as he carefully chose the right club and right shot on a course which demands sound course management skills to score well. After a double par and a triple bogey resulted in an expensive front nine, he came in very strongly with a 42 on the back, showing his true potential and his steady improvements for a Gross 92, Nett 73.

The second flight at 8:00am teeing off from Hole #10 were Willi G, Chris, Kholifan and Ruth: Willie G, Ruth, Chris and kholifan played together starting on hole 10. Chris got off to a good start with a birdie on hole 11 but then made two doubles. He was playing well until the 7th hole where he made a triple and his general decision making cost him today and in the end he shot 3 over his handicap. Poor Kholifan was driving well and often making the greens but his putter was just not working and he missed putt after putt to his frustration. Added to this was a triple on hole 3 and a few doubles despite several good pars. 

Ruth was playing well on holes 10-18 and well within her handicap but a few triples cost her. On the day she made some good pars but too many doubles, triples inflated her score. Meanwhile Willie didn’t start well with 3 doubles but then made several pars and bogeys. He then played mostly bogey golf and  had a few more doubles to add to his frustration. Not the best golf from this group but the players couldn’t complain about the conditions and weather. 

Congratulations to the Winners:

  1. Pras Sutowo & Hari Taufik  – Nett 66
  2. Nick Goodwin – Nett 67
  3. Wahyudi – Nett 68
  4. Randy Albert, Iris & James Lyu – Nett 69

Lucky Draw Winners

1*Weekday Green Fee Voucher’s for Riverside Golf Club:

  • Kholifan
  • Febian Nasrul

1*Weekday Green Fee Voucher for Gading Raya:

  • Taufik Boenardi

1*Weekday Green Fee Voucher for Modern GCC

  • Albert Aruan

Other News:

Happy Holidays to all our Muslim JAWS Golfers who celebrate: Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri, Mohon Maaf Lahir Batin may peace be upon you and your families. 

Next Up on the Playing Schedule:

Friday 21st May a SPECIAL EVENT at Modern, where we will play a mix tee box games, where players will play all tee boxes red, white and blue alternate for 18 holes, so 6 holes from each tee box. The Friday Golf Tee-Party! Test your game from three different tee boxes! Players will be licking their lips when they hit from the red tees!

23th May – Sunday: Interleague Round 3 at Riverside

25th May – Tuesday: Gading Raya

28th May – Friday: Kedaton

31st May – Monday:  Jakarta Golf

4th June – Friday:  Emeralda

8th June – Tuesday: Cengkareng 

11th June – Friday:  Permata Sentul

13th June – Sunday:  Interleague Round 4 at Riverside

15th June – Tuesday: Pondok Cabe

17th. June – Thursday: Parahyangan 

18th June – Friday: Parahyangan 

22nd June – Tuesday: Gading Raya

25th June – Friday: Jagorawi

29th June – Tuesday: Imperial

JAWS Singgasana World Cup 2021

  • After 2 rounds of the JAWS Singgasana World Cup, Team Rest of the World after a solid Round 2 (Foursomes) have pulled clear of Team Asia: Team ROW 33 / Team ASIA 27. The next Round 3 (Fourballs) will be August 6th at Emeralda, GET READY!

JAWS Hammerhead Cup 2021 – weekly update:

Best Net 6 scores decides the winner!

End date: June 30th.

Update – 13 games left to play / with 13 games played.

Players with  6 good scores so far: 

1. Jim Korbilas = 427

2. Gaurav = 439

2. Divya = 439

4. Simon = 441

5. Chris = 447

5. Bram = 447

7. Pras = 448

8. Ruth = 464

Players with good scores but not yet played 6 games:

Stefanus: 69, 77, 78, 83, 83

Willi N: 69, 77, 80

Richard Berg: 72, 73, 74

Aleksi: 70, 71, 83, 75

Fernando: 68, 71,  76, 88

Subash: 73, 79, 75

Bobby: 72, 72, 72, 74

Aidan: 68, 66, 71

  • Round 3 INTERLEAGUE, re-starts on Sunday 23rd May at Riverside, with The JAWS captained by Simon Reynolds positioned well in 2nd place and are moving in the right direction. With DOGS in 1st Place, JAWS have a chance to chase down the gap of 6 points as they play DOGS in 2/4 matches Good luck to Simon and his team! All is to play for with 4 more rounds still to play.

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