the day that was 30th April 2020

A welcome return to one of our 2 homes, Modern Golf Course for the 11 enthusiastic golfers who made it for a fun round of golf.

The weather was perfect with a blanket of clouds keeping the temperature cool and the course was in good condition, although a little wet in places and the greens a tad slower than normal .

The play- The highlight of the first group was the the super consistent Bobby who was in great form with a 41 Gross on the front 9 followed by a 41 on the back 9. Christophe post 3 pars and a few drops entertained the group with his selection of French/Spanish cuss words . Chris Lever scored well with a 42 on the front 9 but then faded on the back with a 51.

A quick start off 10 for Andy , James , Tarlok and Priyaji saw some average scores for the first nine ( 44-55) which improved significantly on the back nine ( 1-9) , including a very impressive 39 from Tarlok and a 13 shot improvement from Andy , alas no birdies were recorded in the group. The par 3s were notable “hunting” grounds for the group , finishing with an overall group average of just under 4 . The group even upheld the JAWS etiquette by letting a couple of Korean ladies play through , a decision that was somewhat regretted as they then proceeded to slow down their pace . The group ended up with a second and third  place and be the first group in .

And finally , the third group, with a flight including a mascot and the ‘Flying Finn’, things were bound to be interesting. Aleksi with his booming drives, albeit left and right, recovered beautifully on his second shots and Akita, although frustrated with her three wood, played a sharp short game. The rest of the foursome Karan and Divya played average golf with the occasional par and kept it real with bogies apart from the last hole, which caused some problems for Divya, resulting in a triple bogie.

Overall an enjoyable day with jokes and the camaraderie of friends and golf.

The Winners of the day were Bobby with a Gross 82 and Net 68, second place was Tralok with a Gross 83 and Net 69 and third was James with a gross 84 -Net 73.

Congratulations to all and we look forward to seeing everyone Tuesday next week at the beautiful Rainbow Hills.

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