the day that was: JAWS at Gading Raya 22 June

Tuesday 22nd June 2021

“One minute you’re bleeding. The next minute you’re haemorrhaging. The next minute you’re painting the Mona Lisa.” – Mac O’Grady, Golfer

Golfing Wisdom:

O’Grady’s comment relates the essence of the experience of a lot of rounds of golf for a lot of golfers. I love the contrast between the agony of a golfer bleeding out and the ecstasy of a moment of creative genius. Of course, after painting the Mona Lisa, you’ll likely soon be back to bleeding. Such is the game. So let it be, let it go folks! It is only a game, have fun and enjoy.

23 JAWS Sharks travelled to Gading Raya, West of Jakarta in the peaceful suburbs of Gading Raya. With some of the early flights reporting a very slow round for the early birds, the Golf Operations Manager apologised in person as they had a large grouping of 125 golfers play at 6:00am, so thanks for your patience.

Despite the slight slower pace of play the JAWS Sharks were rewarded with a golf course in immaculate condition, and several players commented that it was the best they have ever seen the Gading Raya greens rolling, usually hit and miss. Turns out there was supposed to be a large national elite amateur golf event at Gading come the end of the week and into the weekend but due to the recent co-vid 19 spike the committee decided to cancel the event. The Golf Course was in amazing condition and alongside the blue skies and sunshine a real treat for all players, with the course and weather condition producing some hot nett scores amongst the JAWS group.

First flight of the 6:30am early birds were Aidan, Imran and Iwan: It was Iwan’s first time playing in the Jaws society and Aidan was playing against Imran in his MP.

Iwan found his rhythm on the back-nine hitting long and straight drives consistently. Iwan has a very smooth swing for a 22 handicap and if continues to keep playing for Jaws, then he should have no problem reducing his handicap with his golfing game. 

Aidan beat Imran 2&1 in their MP game. Aidan was 3 up with only 4 to play & Imran showed great spirit to fight back. Overall it was a great match & congratulations to Aidan on progressing to the next round.

Second Flight of the 630am early birds were Emil, Divya and Gaurav: who were wrestling it out on the magnificent fairways, all in top shape. Emil was blasting off with perfect drives that always left him in contention with the 2 lower handicaps in this flight. His good form started with par on the 1st hole, and continued throughout his entire game with a gross 80. Leaving only few mistakes on some of the holes. While Divya was enjoying the wonderful weather, clearly relaxed on every hole that earned him 2 birdies for the round, also making just a few mistakes also…. but found trouble on hole 18 when his second shot found the water leading to a double bogey and a gross score of 85, nett 75, not too bad. Gaurav on the other hand struggled to find his sweet spot, thus taking time to make his first par on the 9th hole. He struggled with his drives, that were going right most of the time, but showed the 2 the sharks how we should play even when he got into trouble. He still managed to go up and down often, salvaging a respectable 86 gross, nett 77. 

Nothing a few sessions at the range can’t fix, for the JAWS Interleague Vice-Captain.

To top it all off, Emil got the upper-hand and took 1st place, Best Nett and moved into first in the Hammerhead Sharks standings that will give him a boost in confidence going forward as his game is in top shape. A good day at the office for the flying Filipino!

First Flight off at 8:00am from Hole #1 were: Jim, Geoff and James: It started with James Lyu who was hitting the ball well off the tee box, but seemed to be off a little with the rest of his game.  He finished the game with a gross score of 105 and a net of 91. Second in the group was Geoff. Geoff is truly a fun person to play golf with, always in a good mood and kept everyone laughing.  Even if the game goes less than expected. He hit the ball good but didn’t score as well as he wanted.  He scored a gross 95 and a net 77.  Last in the group was Jim. He started off shooting 9 over after the first 5 holes.  He got his game together and finished with a gross 91 and net 72.  This group didn’t score the best but they had a great round of golf.

Second Flight off from Hole #1 were: Tarlok, Bram and Irwan: Bram was really enjoying his drives from the tee boxes, as most of them were finding the fairways. However, his iron play to approach the green were not as sharp and caused him to lose a little confidence. He only made 4 pars in total for a total gross score of 94, nett 76, not bad.

Tarlok was having a great opening round when he made 3 consecutive pars on the front nine. He continued to play consistent golf and was careful on the back 9 only making a few minor mistakes. Such a stable all round game resulted in a total gross of 83, nett 70 to share Best Nett 5. 

Then there was Irwan, who found his way back and returned to playing with Jaws after being missing in action. Playing 49 on the first nine, it clearly really frustrated him. Some drives were short or going into the woods. However, the moment he started to play the back nine, he seemed to have a complete recovery. A birdie on hole #11 and couple of pars afterwards resulted him a gross 42 on the back nine. He won the best net 4 with a nett 69, great bounce back on the inward nine Irwan!

Last Flight off from Hole #1 were: Pras, Nedi and Nauli: Pras was having a bad day on the course. Everything from his driver to putter was misfiring, that lead to him finishing with a nett 80 for the day. Yedi was having a good day on the course on the contrary, whilst hitting 6 greens in regulations, the only problem he had was with his chipping and putting on the beautiful and fast Gading Raya greens, this caused him to three putt one time too many! Yedi finished with a gross 88. Nauli, not only a newcomer to JAWS, but also a newbie to golfing, with less than six months of play under her belt. She is still learning the foundations of golf but it seems clear she has a genuine interest in getting better, and we wish her luck on her new journey in this beautiful game and look forward to welcoming this golfing couple back again. Nauli finished the round with a gross 112. Keep up the spirit Nauli!

First Flight off from Hole #10 were: Aleksi, Chris, Priyaji and Albert S: Chris didn’t start well and made a triple on the first hole. He generally struggled with his long game today: driving and his 3 wood were not compliant… but his chipping and putting were good and he shot just 2 over his handicap.

Albert hit the ball well off the tee with his 3 wood, hitting long and straight all day but struggled with his chipping and putting and made too many doubles today. He finished 2 over his handicap but could have been much lower.

Priyaji was hitting the ball very long and accurately at the start and played mostly par or bogey golf on the first 9 holes and a respectful Gross 42. He couldn’t keep up the momentum on holes 1-9 (back nine) and had several triples. He did make three good pars however and a birdie on hole 9.

Aleksi played well and shot a Gross 39 on the first 9 holes including 5 pars and 4 bogies. He drove the ball well all day and went on to shoot a Gross 81 with only one double in his round and a Nett 68 to take third place overall, just one shot behind the winner. Solid Golf… on his last game before returning to Finland for a few months. Safe travels Aleksi!

Willi G and the kids

Last Flight off from Hole #10 were: Simon, Willi G, Willie N and his daughter Meher: Simon had a great day at Gading Raya, sticking with his game plan of fairway’s and greens hitting 10 greens in regulation in total and 6 out of 8 up and downs, scrambling. When he missed the green it was always a little short at the front setting up a routine chip and putt par. His consistent ball striking and course management resulted in a gross 76, nett 70. Despite 32 putts, of his 14 pars he could have made 4 birdies! The highlight his 5 iron from 180 yards on the Par 3 Hole 6 – which tracked the back left pin from the tee and stopping just 10 ft short, his 5 iron is clearly his favourite club! His Nett 70 improved his Hammerhead score by 5 and he lies in 3rd breathing down the neck of the front runners in first and second only 3 and 2 shots ahead respectively!

Willi G had a solid round of 18 holes, albeit struggled with his driver on the opening few holes. After a whisper from Coach Simon on the tee box to hit: ‘Down the Line’ and slow the swing down he started hitting fairways with relative ease. With his ball on the fairway he could attack the greens with his approaches and bogey’s started to turn into regulation pars. Like Simon, he also had a few hiccups on the challenging greens, nonetheless a Gross 89, and nett 71 enough to improve his Hammerhead score by 1 leaving him in second place with two games left.

Willie N was the next player teeing off from the blue tees. After a wayward first drive he was reluctant to use his driver again on the front nine resulting in longer approach shots making pars very taxing and only bogey’s do-able. After some encouragement from his playing pals he got out his big dog and started hitting some booming drives with his signature low draw finding the fairway’s and with plenty of roll. Plenty of positives to focus on and a solid nett 75 with plenty of shots left out on the course.

Last but not least was the young Shark: Meher, daughter of Willie N, just 13 years of age, she has already developed a flowing swing capable of some impressive ball striking. On Hole 12, the uphill par 3 (our third hole of the day) Meher struck her 7 iron 128 meters to the front of the green with the pin a way back, left side. Navigating the sloping downhill break she wasted no time in striking her winding putt the length of the green for a birdie 2, as her smile lit up the whole of Serpong! As the heat got warmer, there were a few casual mistakes but understandable for the youngster still fresh on her golfing journey as she finished her round with a nett 67, to share best nett 1. A fine game from the young lady and with more practice, ‘on the course’ practice and perseverance we will not be surprised to see her handicap start to improve rapidly, well played young lady!

Congratulations to the Winners:

  1. Emiliano & Meher – Nett 67
  2. Aleksi – Nett 68
  3. Irwan  – Nett 69
  4. Simon & Tarlok: Nett 70

Weekday Voucher Winner’s: Emeralda Golf Club:

  • Bram
  • Priyaji
  • Aidan

Next Up on the June Playing Schedule we have:

25th June – Friday: Jagorawi New Course

29th June – Tuesday: Cengkareng Golf Club

JAWS Singgasana World Cup 2021

  • After 2 rounds of the JAWS Singgasana World Cup, Team Rest of the World after a solid Round 2 (Foursomes) have pulled clear of Team Asia: Team ROW 33 / Team ASIA 27. The next Round 3 (Four balls) will be August 6th at Emeralda, GET READY!

JAWS Hammerhead Cup 2021 – weekly update:

Best Net 6 scores decides the winner!

End date: June 29th at Tuesday’s Cengkareng game (last game)

Update – 2 games left to play 

UPDATED LEADERBOARD 10.06.21: Players with 6 good scores so far: 

  1. Emiliano = 418
  2. Willi G = 420
  3. Simon R = 421
  4. Jim K = 425
  5. Aidan L = 425
  6. Emil M = 426
  7. Fernando = 427
  8. Aleksi = 429
  9. Albert = 430
  10. Pras S = 432
  11. Willie N = 432
  12. Chris L = 433
  13. Gaurav S = 436
  14. Divya = 436
  15. Bram S = 440
  16. Subash = 455
  17. Bobby C = 458
  18. Ruth L = 464
  19. Stefanus = 465
  20. Aryan Gambhir = 473
  21. Murthy = 475

Players with good scores but not yet played 6 games:

Ola: 73, 66, 75, 67

Indar: 73, 73, 69, 75

Randy Albert: 71, 69, 78, 69

Priyaji Peiris: 75, 71, 84, 71, 73

Roger Finnie: 75, 75, 75, 78

Giles: 80, 75, 80, 75

Richard Berg: 72, 73, 74

Kristyawan: 79, 80, 71, 76

James Lyu: 73, 80, 69, 76


A solid team performance by the JAWS Interleague Team captained by Simon and VC Gaurav, accumulating 7 points from a possible 10, with 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. With several players unavailable some fresh blood was selected with great success as the TEAM have caught up with the DOGS team to sit in joint 1st place after Round 4. With 3 rounds remaining Captain Simon and Vice Gaurav look to pick 4 four ball teams with 8 more points available in Round 5.

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