the day that was 21st August, 2020

A fantastic turnout of 42 golfers took on the challenging Permata Sentul Golf Course. The weather was perfect and the course was in great condition.

The group made up of Joshua, Fitrat, Bayu and Faud produced one of the most memorable memories in JAWS history.

Both Fitrat and Joshua both made a hole in one on the par 3, 15th hole.

Amazing!!! Both will become JAWS legends, the odds of this happening is 1 in 144 million !

Not much else can surpass that. Bayu played well and shot Gross 79 and Faud shot Gross 89.

Simon, Aidan, Willi and Nick started from hole 10 of this picturesque mountain course, filled with hopeful anticipation of the afternoon’s round.

Will and Nick played their MatchPlay so nerves were on show with some early cautious hitting and relief from lucky bounces off rocks and hillsides.

Willi and Nick were pretty even score wise with Nick hitting longer but Willi making up for it with an excellent short game, especially the putting (2nd lowest of the day with 27 putts).

Willi managed a chip in on the 17th and birdies on 2 and 7 with Nick having a birdie on 4. The momentum was enough to give Willi the win (2-1), with Nick’s putting letting him down at the end.

Simon and Aidan both managed some solid hitting, missing out on longest drive by catching the fairway bunkers.

Simon had one early birdie with some excellent iron play and putting too. The group feels well prepared for the much anticipated tussle with DOGS at the same course.

Yudi, Yuris, Budi and Diana became friends as they played together for the first time and had fun on the hilly course.

They all found the greens difficult. Yudi made 5 pars and scored Net 76 whilst Diana shot Net 80 and found some of the holes tough.Yuris and Budi were playing for their handicaps and Yuris shot 93 Gross and Budi 91 Gross.

A beautiful warm and sunny day greeting this trio in a technical and challenging course. Gaurav , Tony and Divya started with determination to tame this beast and all 3 managed to duff their 1st shot on the tee, ha ha!

Gaurav managed to play stable consistent golf except for a few blow outs.

Tony first imploded and then exploded with a few pars and a few double pars and finally Divya played a precision front 9 shooting a 37 and then also imploded with a 50 on the back 9. A lovely challenging fun day with lots of banter and great conditions for golf.

Ola, Fernando, Arief and Otong played in the same flight. Big match play in this group between big hitting Ola and steady straight Arief. Too many OBs for Ola and he lost a tight match 3/2. Otong, a new 28 hdcp, gave it his best on a tough course and visited many bunkers. He will get better. Fernando enjoyed his new longer driver but could not hit many greens. Off day. PSP was too tough for him !

Bevia, Jim, Adrian and Ivans played together. Belvia shot a consistent game all day long.  Better on the back 9 as he  took a while to warm up. Adrian shot a 90. He shot a good round showing off his chipping skills with a 40 meter chip in to save par on the 5th hole.

Ivans was driving the ball long all day, finishing with a Gross of 80  and will be a potential winner in weeks to come. Jim played well on the front 9 but struggled with the back 9. Overall a perfect day of golf.

Golf is not just about playing well but it is about having fun and the group of Priyaji, Sal, Ajay and Chris certainly had  a fun round even though the golf was not always great.

Sal was laughing all the way round and played some decent golf at times with several good pars.

Ajay improved as the game went on and  made some good drives but struggled with his short game. Priyaji did not start well but slowly improved and played better on the back nine where he was hitting his five iron off the tee and made a birdie on hole 9. Chris played well in parts and shot one over par, Net 73.

Kris, Arif, Tarlok and Rosie played in the same flight. All found the course tough but enjoyed the game. Tralok found the greens difficult and missed several short putts.Kris played ok and made 5 pars with a Net 84 and Arif  was playing for his handicap and shot Gross 89.

Rosie played well on the back nine with a 43 but struggled on the front 9, yet still made a respectful 79 Net. Tough day but a fun day.

Parman, Bobby, Randy and Sari played in the same group. Parman failed to make par in the first nine but made 2 pars on the back 9. It was not his day but he is sure to play better in the future. Bobby tried his best but missed several short putts and lost confidence. He made 3 pars and 1 birdie on hole 11 par 3.

Sari made many double bogeys but sometimes found the greens challenging and there were so many “damn it” moments on the green. It was not her day. Randy played relaxed golf and was very accurate with his driver and putter. Bobby said,  “No golfer can stop him from making pars !” Randy made 9 pars and 1 birdie, Gross 80 and Net 70.

Satya, Arnold and Vijay played in the same group. The round of golf at PSP was great, with great weather and clear blue skies. The fairways were nice and dry (but hard) and the green condition was so slippery and challenging to read too.

Arnold made a few one putts  whilst Vijay struggled with his putting and even had 5 putts on hole 16. There were some great saves from the rough from Satya and some bunkers were just challenging to get out of but overall a fun day of golf on a challenging course.

Taufik B, Febian, Ronald and Widy all played in the same flight. Taufik and Widianto were playing matchplay.

Taufik started the first round with back to back pars.

Widianto’s performance looked a little subpar in the beginning due to the heat but as the weather began to cool, his game improved and was able to catch up. However it was not enough and Taufik won the game,  2 up.

Febian and Ronald have different styles of play. Febian had the ability to drive long, unfortunately he made a lot of mistakes with his second shot. On the other hand, Ronald had great accuracy to make his second shot, while his drive lacked range. On hole 3, Ronald was able to chip it in from a distance of 20 meters

.Congratulations to the winners today.  

Special mention to Fitrat and Joshua who both made a hole in one on the par 3, 15th hole.

First place was shared by Fitrat and Randy, Net 70.

Second place was shared by Taufik B and Faud, Net 71.

Third place was shared by Ronald and Willie G, Net 72.

Longest Drive: Belvia- 299m.  

Nearest to the Pin– Adrian 

Low putts: Ivans- 26 putts.

Lucky Draw – Vouchers for Emeralda won by Gaurav, Bobby, Parman, Otong and Widy.

BIG thank you to Mba Erlina and the Permata Sentul Management Team for taking care of us (even thought there were some initial hiccups at the starter- )and organising a successful event. We will be back soon.

Other News

The Matchplay Results:  

Some close games but Taufik B beat Widy,  Willie G beat Nick and Arief beat Ola.

JAWs V DOGS– 5th September the JAWS Team is ready. Please let us know ASAP if you cannot play.

If anyone else is also keen to join on the day THEY ARE WELCOME to join and play and also cheer the JAWS team at the DOGS game.

Next up is Matoa Golf Course Tuesday  25th August, see you there !

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