the day that was October 23rd 2020

Another visit to the Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus designed Emeralda Golf Course. 13 golfers played the Lake and Plantation Course with perfect golfing conditions despite a brief downpour.

The new Jaws hats arrive and the first flight off of Emerelda’s Lake course (Tom, Aleksi and John) play lights out.  To be clear, there is no such thing as coincidences in golf so they shall only wear Jaws hats from now on. 

For Aleksi it was pars and more pars.  Nine pars on the front nine to be exact.  He was flawless the whole round netting a 66 and finishing on top of the leaderboard.

Tom started very strong and drove the ball straight and long all day with only a few trouble holes on the back nine.  John was consistent off the tee and managed to keep the ball on the fairway most of the day. 

Aside from a short rain break it was a great day and a fantastic group.

Febian, Pras and Yuris played in the same flight.

Febian continued his recent good form and was the best player in the group with a Net score of 68. Yuris’ driver seemed to hold his game back, but everything else worked for him and he scored well on the back nine and Net 75 .

Despite some good pars, it was a long day for Pras as it seemed every club in his bag hurt his game but he will be back!

A fun group consisting of Bobby, Hari Taufik, Parman and Randy played in the same flight. Bobby played a steady game but struggled with his putts, missing many short putts.

Hari Taufik had a few up and downs but his approach shots were amazing. Parman drove very well, he hit almost all fairways and long but struggled a bit on his approach shots, yet managed to make many pars.

Randy was the star in this group today. He was like an unstoppable par machine plus a birdie and finished second overall with a Net 67. Lots of fun and laughter throughout the day.

Teeing off second flight off Hole #1 on the Lake Course were Divya, Supachai and Simon. After a solid 1st Hole there was a brief torrential downpour, allowing the flight to take refuge in the 2nd hole tee box shelter, and catch up with the flight in front.

After the rain stopped, the flight was to enjoy a round in nice cool weather albeit wet conditions and much slower greens. Divya, brought his A-game and from the 1st Hole played like a man on a mission striking his ball with conviction towards the target, with good distance and accuracy, and backed up with a crafty short game and putting rightfully earned a share of best nett 3, with a nett 68. Supachai, armed with a brand new putter to take on Emeralda and some of the best rolling greens in Indonesia.

Supachai’s tee off’s were consistent and what he lacked in distance he made up with accuracy with his ball very rarely venturing off the short grass. A few wayward approach shots were costly and kept him out of the money but nonetheless some very steady golf all day.

Simon’s looking fresh with his shiny new JAWS Hat, seemed to be playing a new game, and after a great tip from a friend/coach at the driving range was pleased to hit many more fairways and many more greens. A steady 80 gross could have been much lower with a few less putts then 37 counted on the day, but will be very happy with his improved driver accuracy and iron-play, and two birdies on the day could have been 5-6, it’s obviously time to practice.

Congratulations to the winners

First place: Aleksi, Net 66

2nd place: Randy, Net 67.

3rd/4th place :Tied between, Divya and Febian, Net 68

BIG thank you to Mba Thia , Ramha and linda and the Emeralda Team for taking care of us again and organising a successful event.

Other News


If you as a JAWS SHARK have played 10 rounds or more with JAWS you are entitled to this branded custom JAWS black cap.

These custom made caps will be handed out to any or all players as and when they accomplish 10 rounds of golf as a JAWS SHARK.


These branded white caps, priced at IDR 200,000 per cap are available for purchase at any JAWS round , to get your cap please contact JAWS admin Chris Lever.

The JAWS Matchplay FINALS :

The final will be played on the 30th October at Permata Sentul Golf Club.

Contenders for the GREAT WHITE are

Hari Taufik Vs Willi G

3rd place play off: 

Arief D Vs Taufik B.

JAWS V Teeset – 6th December 2020

We have already 19 players. Please sign up for this event in JAWS networking or speak to Capt Tralok 


It is VITAL that at the end of a round that all scorecards are checked by at least 2 people in the group. 

NET scores MUST BE CLEAR !  And the card given in must be signed by 2 people.


The Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Tourism are collaborating on promoting Bali and have asked the Golf Societies to participate, JAWS is sending a total of 7 players on an all expenses paid basis, thank you Richard Mau , Simon and Mba Merry from OB golf for organizing 4 tickets and thank you TEESET and Roger Finnie for the balance 3 tickets out of the total 7. 

SHARKS travelling on 26th Oct till 29thOct to BALI–

Simon Reynolds , Chris Lever, Aleksi T, Mohammad Yuris, Arief Dharmawan, Bobby Chakrama and Gaurav Shirke. 

Enjoy yourself guys! 

Next up is a Sentul Highlands Golf Club, see you there Tuesday the 27th October 2020, 8 am tee off!

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