the day that was 27th November 2020

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a Rogue is “a dangerous wild animal that lives apart from the rest of its group.”   And so it was on a windy but beautiful Friday afternoon at Palm Hill Golf Club that three rogue Sharks found themselves separated from the rest of the JAWS Clan.   The course was close to empty and readyContinue reading “the day that was 27th November 2020”

the day that was 24th November 2020

Sam Snead once said, “These greens are so fast I have to hold my putter over the ball and hit it with the shadow.” For many of the 20 Sharks that took on Gunung Geulis on a beautiful Tuesday morning, it felt just like that.   The five JAWS flights were well equipped (lot of balls) and prepared for the West Courses tight fairways, blind shots andContinue reading “the day that was 24th November 2020”

the day that was 20th November 2020

There was tropical jungle all around.   Intermittent rain fell and lightning bolts flashed as caravans of Sharks moved expeditiously from River to Plantation.  Sirens blared signaling impending danger.   It sounds more like a scene from Jurassic Park but that was the reality of the JAWS Friday afternoon round at Emerelda… At the end of the day there were 7Continue reading “the day that was 20th November 2020”

the day that was 17th November 2020

Without a cart, a golfer walks approximately 10 kilometers during an 18 hole round of golf.   That makes for 170 kilometers of trodden land by a school of Land Sharks on steamy Tuesday morning at Cengkareng Golf Club.   The five JAWS flights set off like packs of predators in search of birdies and pars.  Extreme heatContinue reading “the day that was 17th November 2020”

the day that was 13th November 2020

Bogor Raya, 2 Man Texas Scramble – Match Play Here are some important questions. What happens when Lost Balls take on G Strings?   In the animal kingdom do Birdie Bandits and Sharks of Swing live in harmony or competition? Can Dahlia Boys triumph over an Odd Couple? All these questions and more where answered whenContinue reading “the day that was 13th November 2020”

the day that was 10th November 2020

According to Wikipedia, the Matoa Fruit has several benefits for health and beauty.  It can lower blood pressure and remove excess fluids from the body.   Unlike the fruit, Matoa Golf did little to lower blood pressure but removed plenty of fluids from the 15 Sharks who braved the scorching heat of the Tuesday morning JAWS round.  Continue reading “the day that was 10th November 2020”

the day that was 6th November 2020

The Ball-Eating Golf Gods of Jagorawi’s Old Course licked their lips as 20 JAWS Bravehearts prepared for battle.  Ominous claps of thunder rattled in the distance as the five flights stared at lines of white stakes running along narrow fairways stretching farther than the eye can see.   Rain started to pour as they settled into theContinue reading “the day that was 6th November 2020”

the day that was 3rd November 2020

It was beautiful Tuesday morning as 24 of JAWS finest took on a crowded Matoa Golf Course.   With plenty of JAWS caps and shirts adorned, the six flights cued up right on time and set off on a long but sensational day of Jakarta golf. One could hear the screams of success and frustration throughoutContinue reading “the day that was 3rd November 2020”

the day that was 30th October 2020

With dark clouds above and rumbling thunder the 24 golfers were spared by the ‘Golfing Gods’ and enjoyed the cool conditions on the challenging Permata Sentul Golf Course. Hari Taufik, Willi G, Fernando and Randy played together and started on hole #3. Harry Taufik and Willi were playing the Match Play Final.  With tensions high, HariContinue reading “the day that was 30th October 2020”