the day that was 3rd November 2020

It was beautiful Tuesday morning as 24 of JAWS finest took on a crowded Matoa Golf Course.  

With plenty of JAWS caps and shirts adorned, the six flights cued up right on time and set off on a long but sensational day of Jakarta golf.

One could hear the screams of success and frustration throughout the course and were reflected in the final net scores that ranged from 70 to 89.  

A special shout-out to Taufik and Arief who had an exciting match play competition to determine 3rd and 4th place in the JAWS Championship that came down to the 18th hole.  

Ruth, Will, Affandy and Jim played in one flight and Ruth started off with a quick par on hole #1 but the foursome was quickly put into check by Matoa.  The conditions were nice and the greens a little hairy.

The course seemed to play tough. Will was driving the ball farther and farther as the day went but Will and Affandy had some control issues on the tee box.  Jim struggled as he paid the price for taking off from golf for a couple of weeks.

Pras, Gaurav, Arief and Taufik played in one flight. Taufik and Arief faced off in a delayed match play to determine 3rd and 4th place of the JAWS Championship.

It was very tight match-up that went all the way to the 18th hole. In the end Arief won thanks to his accurate drives.

Gaurav was having a rough day on the course. He admitted that his body is broken down because of playing 8 rounds of golf in 10 days.

Pras played relatively well. While having problems with shot consistency, his short game was key in his improvement in his score.

Richard Berg, Jens Roestal, Jusi Marwan and Simon Reynolds had a mixed day.

Richard Berg hit it long and mostly straight off the tee.  

He made series of long par putts using his classic K.Smith Blade, however some uncharacteristic mishits with his irons proved costly and a few too many strokes above handicap.

 Jens, riding a rich vein of form, kept the fire burning, symbolic of his first hole, as despite a leaked drive to the left and tree trouble, Jens bunted a 5 iron just short of the green, pitching up and draining his putt for a up and down par.

Not overly long off the tee, Jens set a good example of how keeping the ball in play off the tee at expense of distance, backed up with a string short game and putting, is tough to beat. A tied 4th place best net was his reward for solid play. 

Jusi, playing his third JAWS game, took some time and a few holes to warm up. A relative newbie to the game, Jusi showed signs of great potential with good tempo in the full swing. An overreliance of the 60 degree wedge around the greens is proved costly where a simple chip and run with a PW or 9iron is a lot easier to execute. 

Simon enjoyed a great day off the tee.  Long and straight drives often put him in the fairway allowing him to attack the pins with his second shots.  11/18 Greens and Regulation is on target for a 6 handicap but his 37 putts was highly disappointing.  He struggled to get a feel for the very slow and shaggy greens.

Nonetheless, a better day on the greens could have led to a very low net score, as he settled for a respectable net 74 and tied for 4th place best net.

Highlight of the day was a 210m uphill 3 wood on the Par 5 Hole 18, to get on in regulation and have a putt for birdie, after a wayward drive off the tee found the tees allowing for just a chip out into the fairway.

Chris, Igor, Firman and Widya played in the same flight.

Pilot Igor was making his first JAWS appearance and had many booming drives but then had trouble with his irons and could not take advantage of his long drives.

Similar story with Chris today who drove well but was let down by his short game especially chipping and putting.

Widya is fairly new to golf and she is a beginner. She enjoyed the game but needs to practice more.

Firman was the most consistent player in the group and finished Net 72 to finish third overall.

Forget The Masters, tension was higher for Divya, Hilzon, Willi and John as they had their own Tuesday morning match play competition.  

Hilzon-John took on Divya-Willi and found themselves in a deep hole on the turn as Willi was relentless off the tees and on the greens.

With three skins on the line, Hilzon make a beautiful chip in for birdie on the 12th hole and put them within striking distance.  A putt on the 18th hole would have put Hilzon-John in the black but it was not to be and finished slightly down.  

Both Divya and John struggled on the front nine but improved on the back. Hilzon was fantastic off the tee and had excellent second shots but struggled up short.  

Willi was unstoppable all day with very few troubled spots and finished at top of the JAWS Leaderboard. Hilzon-John are already planning their comeback!

It was a day of laughter, chit-chat and struggles for Rosie, Diana, Cindy and Sari.  Rosie was consistent most of the day with only a few struggle holes.

She started off with a par and hit three more of them along with seven bogies. Diana, Cindy and Sari struggled most of the day but each managed moments of brilliance.  

Diana made a beautiful par on the 6th hole and Cindy on the 9th.   Bogies on 4, 10 and 15 holes gave Sari the knowledge that she will come back even stronger on the next round.  

Three of the four also won free vouchers on a fantastic day of fun!

Congratulations to the winners

RankName Nett Score 
Congratulations to all who made the JAWS Leaderboard: 

Lucky Draw Vouchers:

A rarity on the lucky draw , out of the 24 players on the day with 18 gentlemen and 6 ladies golfers amazingly only ladies won the lucky draw , well done with the luck ladies!

Course – Emeralda GC: Rosie, Diana, Widya, Cindy and Ruth

In Other News

The Matchplay:

Tuesday at Matoa G.C.

3rd place play off: Arief v Taufik B.

JAWS V Teeset- 6th December

We have already 19 players. Please sign up for this event or speak to Captain Tralok Singh to join his team 


It is VITAL that at the end of a round that all scorecards are checked by at least 2 people in the group. 


And the card given in must be signed by 2 people.

Finally, next up is our home course Bogor side, JAGORAWI on Friday 12.15 pm tee off on the 6th of November 2020 , see you there. 

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