the day that was: JAWS at Pangkalan Jati (PJ)

Tuesday 12th October 2021

You can talk to a fade but a hook wont listen.”  

Lee Trevino

3 flights and 12 players, celebrated JAWS Tuesday 8am and Jakarta Golf at its finest, playing the Navy Course: at Pangkalan Jati with its quirky layout, forcing you to use all 14 clubs in your bag and may even have you wishing you had a 15th! The JAWS Tuesday faithful reported glorious weather and a course in fine condition the ideal setting for Tuesday morning golfing and a unique Jakarta Golf experience! 

A JAWS warm welcome to two first-timers with us: Ghassan and Himawan, welcome guys, and well done for escaping the customary first game dance introduction. Your time will come.

As usual the quirky nature of the course produced a wide range of scores on the day from a best nett 68 to a inflated nett 92. You could say PJ has a somewhat love and hate relationship for many Golfers, either you love it or hate it, there is not much inbetween.

Beautiful Pangkalan Jati —- NOT ! but not many photos this week …

The first flight and frontrunners whizzed around the course in a regulation 4 hours. Admin Pras was having a tough time with the greens at Pangkalan Jati as he had 6 lip out putts that otherwise could have helped him play under his handicap. AZ had a tremendous showing at the front nine with a score of 44, but he could not maintain that momentum has he scored 52 on the back resulting in the best nett score of 68. Newcomer Supriyadi was hitting long and putting well but a few blow-out holes led him to finishing with a gross 87. Hadi was having the roughest round of the flight. Finishing with a gross 102.

Sandwiched between the first and last flights of JAWS golfers was the Wolfpack of: Gaurav, Fernando, Willi G and JAWS newbie Shawn. Gaurav played at a brisk pace and was steady throughout. No birdies but a very good 80 on a tough course, he clearly enjoys playing this quirky layout. His Nett 72 was good enough to share Best Nett II on the day. His other partners, Fernando, Willi and Shawn perhaps not so much…… all three could not keep up and faltered behind shooting in the 90s.

Propping up the rear were: Andrew, Aleksi, Ghassan and Akhil. Andrew continues to impress his playing partners, consistently shooting his handicap, with a handicap of 5, hardly an easy task. This sharpshooter had a great day at the course posting a gross 77 and a nett 72 for a share of Best Nett II.Aleksi was not flying today, his wings were somehwhat clipped as he struggled to find his rythmn all day, forced to wait between shots from the ‘brisk’ golfers in the flight ahead. His friends were quick to remind him that:  “A bad day at Golf is better then a Good Day at Work.” As he was caught starring into his beer glass after the round. A warm welcome to Ghassan a newbie with JAWS and great to see fellow Akhil continuing his Jakarta Weekday golfing adventure on a Tuesday morning, we are still waiting for your opening dance sir!

For Friday’s game we wish all Team Asia and Team Rest of The World players good luck as they tee off in Round 3 of the Singgasana JAWS World Cup, with the format as ‘Better-ball’ Pairs, with the R.O.W currently up 33-27 with 2 rounds of Golf left to play.

Thanks to all JAWS players for using the mygolf2u for signing up to this weeks game, this is the ‘new normal’ for JAWS games moving forwards: players first sign up for each game via the app, then proceed to input their scores for the round live or after the round into the app. There is still some issues with handicaps, and rest assured we will continue to input all JAWS scores into the Jakarta E-Handicap system and these handicaps will be used until January 2022. Some may have noticed their handicaps were 42-43! Please do not be offended, players with less then 5 scores will be automatically assigned a high handicap. The mygolf2u admins have stated that a minimum of 5 scores are needed for a handicap and 20 scores needed advised for an ‘accurate’ handicap. Ideally to ensure an ‘accurate’ playing handicap, please insert your most recent 20 rounds of Golf into the app, as your mygolf2u handicap will be based on these scores. JAWS games will be posted immediately on a weekly basis so the Tuesday and Friday games will be open for sign ups on Saturday – Sunday at the latest weekly. For popular courses like Cengkareng there maybe limited slots available so sign up quick to avoid dissapointment.

Congratulations to the Winners:

  • Best Net I: Affandy (AZ) – Nett 68
  • Tied-Best Nett II: Andrew Deane & Gaurav – Nett 72

The ‘New Normal’:

Please not that moving forwards, to sign up for JAWS games will be 100% on the mygolf2u app only. We will continue to use our traditional scoring method at games for the time being with one scorer per flight recording the scores of all players in the flight, but all players are advised to start familiarizing themselves with the mygolf2u scoring system to input their scores live: hole by hole or after the game, to your preference. The JAWS admins will continue to submit all JAWS scores into the Jakarta E-Handicap Network. All these handicaps will be used during JAWS games. Our target is to be 100% reliant on the mygolf2u app for: sign ups, scoring and handicaps come January 2022.

Next Up on the October Playing Schedule:

Friday 15/10 – 12pm+: Emeralda – JAWS Singgasana World Cup Round 3

Tuesday 19/10 – 8am: Pangkalan Jati

Friday 22/10 – 12pm+: Kedaton

Tuesday 26/10 – 8am: Riverside

Friday 29/10 – 12pm+: Imperial

JAWS Singgasana World Cup 2021 will resume shortly!

  • After 2 rounds of the JAWS Singgasana World Cup, Team Rest of the World after a solid Round 2 (Foursomes) have pulled clear of Team Asia: Team ROW 33 / Team ASIA 27. The next Round 3 (Fourballs) will be Friday October 15th at Emeralda, GET READY!
  • Stay tuned from information from Team ROW Captain: Willi Goldschimdt and Team Asia Captain: Gaurav Shirke regarding the format of play and team selection for the day.

JAWS HAMMERHEAD ’21 ROUND 2: September – December: 

  • The JAWS Admin team is excited to announce the JAWS HAMMERHEAD ROUND 2 is underway, which kicked off at Modern on Friday 10th September 2021, the 3 month window will include all JAWS rounds until Friday 31st December 2021.

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