ETIHAD CUP 2022 – Round 1 – ‘Fourball’

Friday 30th September 2022 at Cengkareng 12pm tee times:

Friday saw the launching of the 2022 Etihad Cup between defending Champions Team Asia led by Captain Prasetyo Sutowo and Team Rest of the World Captained by Willi Goldschimdt.

The event has been streamlined this year to mimmick the Ryder, Presidents Cup formats with smaller teams of 12 pax per side going into battle, focussing on quality not quantity. Its better to have 6 competitive doubles or 12 singles games rather then a host of stalemates.

Captain Willi G pulled of a convinving 10-2 lead after the opening round of fourball doubles, with 4 wins and 2 draws, with Team Asia wondering what has hit them. It will be back to the drawing board for young Asia Team Captain Prasetyo Sutowo.

With ROW Captain Willi G adding some heavyweight re-inforcements in the shape of UK PGA Teaching pro Jamie Whenman and another Brit and single digit maverick Joshua Alexander, ‘welcome to the jungle’ Gentlemen.

Team Asia has also reinforced their team with Indonesian Ladies Touring Pro Dea Mahendra, taking on the men from the Blue Tees. Mars De Jesus, and 3 Handicap and Gading Raya Club Champion Lok Budianto have added some spice to the mix.

The ROW team will be licking their lips for Round 2, and the Foursomes: on Friday 28th October, noon at Cengkareng, followed by the Singles finale and final round of the Cup on Friday 25th November noon at Cengkareng.

Will Asia Team Captain Pras search for reinforcements to bolster his pack of cards? or will he be expecting a better performance from his players in Round 2. Game is on.

ROW’s Josh & Jamie AS with Asia’s Bobby and Dea

Match by Match Results

Match 1

Dea Mahendra HC 0

Bobby Cangkrama HC 11


Jamie Whenman HC 0

Joshua Alexander HC 8

Result: All Square

Match 2

Divya Ahuja HC 11

Mars de Jesus HC 12


Willi Goldschmidt HC 15

Yarub Obaidalla HC 25

Result: Team ROW win 2/1

Match 3

Prasetyo Sutowo HC 13

Lok Budianto HC 3


Nick Robson HC 5

Aidan Lopon HC 14

Result: Team ROW win 2/1

Match 4

Willy Noronha HC 12

Hari Tian HC 14


Fernando Gaggino HC 13

David Moore HC 13

Result: Team ROW win 5/4

Match 5

Bram Sostenes HC 10

Akhil Aggarwal HC 18


Greg White HC 13

Ola Jernberg HC 25

Result: Team ROW win 4/3

Match 6

Gaurav Shirke HC 4

Srinivas Murthy HC 12


Simon Reynolds HC 2

Jens Roestel HC 12

Result: All Square

Format of Play: Fourball

Overall Score after Round 1:

Rest of the World : 10pts

Team Asia: 2pts

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