the day that was 8th May 2020

Another perfect day to play golf at an older course that offers great value for money-Matoa GC

For a cost of IDR 350,000 including the golf cart on a Friday, great value for money so thank you Matoa.

The course was in good condition although the rough was overgrown and so , was difficult to get out of if one was stuck.

The play-The first group off hole 1 got off to a quick and smooth start with three pars and eventually produced a joint winner , with James Bristow carding an 82 (alas with no birdies recorded)  in spite of the allegations that he had two caddies assisting him. Priyaji the space man and Divya played up and down , fighting the rough and the course to survive.

Putting proved an issue for all players who probably still had the Rainbow Hills speed mindset in place .

Flight #1 off 10 was buzzing with excitement and raring to go, from the first tee this flight was all about, social golf and having fun in the sun as tune after tune played from a JBL speaker from Hole 1 to 18.

It was steady golf all day from John with drive after drive finding the fairway and barely a single ball sprayed into Matoa’s uncharacteristic Open style knee height rough, just a few missed putts resulted in a couple of strokes out of the best nett, and 4th place.

Mike, new to the game with a high handicap did well to stay focussed and Dave E was very supportive with good spirit(s) , good music and a clear lover for the beautiful game.

Simon dug deep and salvaged a round out of nothing from the Tee , hacking out of the thick rough but was backed up with a inspired short game with the wedge and the short stick scrambling all day long and was rewarded with a 12 foot birdie putt on the 18th from the back fringe for a gross 78 and a Net 73 and 3rd place for the day. 

The second group, who started on hole 1, enjoyed a fun round overall. Audi was very steady for the first 9 but got tired on the back 9 and his challenge quickly faded. ‘Mr Taki’ as he likes to be known,  played some great pars but lacked consistency overall. However, Takashi still played with a smile on his face. Chris played some steady golf but poor chipping and putting let him down. Meanwhile, Aleksi, ‘The flying Finn’, started off in an erratic fashion but slowly got his game together. A long drive on the 6th which was 2m off the green and a chip in birdie on the 9th was followed by a solid back 9.

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone for a fun day out.

The joint winners in first place were, James Bristow with a Gross 82 and Net 71 and Aleksi Tiihonen  with a Gross 84 and Net 71.

In third place was Simon Reynolds with a Gross 78, Net 73.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Bogor Raya GC on Tuesday 12th May for the next JAWS round.

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