the day that was 23rd June 2020

17 adventurous golfers made the long trek to Gunung Geulis Golf Course.  Perched high in the Bogor mountains and immersed in the natural scenery, Gunung Geulis offers golfers a perfect golfing experience if you are willing to take the extra time it takes to get there!

An amazing day playing in the clouds, in the hills and breath -taking views. Gunung Guelis did not disappoint the 3 musketeer sharks,Randy Gaurav and Divya.

Gaurav started off slow but was hitting the ball cleanly and was heading for a good score until he had a ‘Market Meltdown’ at work and so his game  melted too from the 7th hole , down- hill and beyond.

He did try to recover on the last 4 holes and  posted a respectable Net 77 ; a testament to his skills as a golfer.

Randy or ‘Raging Randy’ as he will be called forth-with, was on fire and charging like a bull with 6 pars and 3 bogies on the front 9. He was a man on a mission and if he had  ‘Lady Luck’ on his side, his 5 birdie putts from 6 feet would have gone in.

Regrouping again for the back 9 he shot a jaw dropping 64 Net overall.

Divya, playing with Randy , got inspired by his precision hitting and got into his zone himself , attacking pins and missing putts, shooting a below par, Net 69.

All in all ,a day to remember for all 3 sharks with the undulating greens , fantastic views and second to none friendships. 

Taufik, Cindy and Chris played together.

Taufik started off slowly but soon found his rhythm and started to make some great pars, often with some skilled chipping. He drove well most of the time and played a steady game throughout. Chris played a steady game and but for some mis -judged drives could have scored lower but managed to play one above his handicap.

Meanwhile Cindy played well in patches and managed some good pars especially doing well on the par threes. She managed to play her handicap and took third place overall.

Tony, Fernando, Febian and Ola played together. It was a long round! Ola who played 3 rounds a year, started with 6 bad holes , then had 6 great holes in the middle and finished with 6 so-so holes. Febian started with a string of double pars but then recovered on 7-8 with 2 pars in a row. He has a good swing and will get better. Tony started great and then faded fighting the tough conditions.

Fernando tripled the 1st, a double par on the last and 16 great holes in the middle plus all the extra betting money, made for an eventful round. Overall a great day!

Sari started the round with a solid par. A drive straight down the middle leaving herself  a small pitch and a two putt for par. You can see Sari is putting the work in behind closed doors and the results are a compliment to the practice she’s been implementing! 

Great round Sari. Solid drives. Solid irons. Solid short game. Keep up the hard work and you’ll continue to notice improvement and repeated success to your game! 

James Bristow started to find his rhythm but unfortunately had to leave early on the front 9. It’s always a pleasure playing with James and to add he is always a gentleman on and off the course and I’m looking forward to our next round  together!

Aidan started the round with a drive that went out of bounds, a pitch to the green and holed the putt for par. On the front 9 he shot a 43, however on the back 9 he really let himself down due to bad decision making. A 10 on a par 5 after a lovely drive down the middle is a hard pill to swallow.

With the right decision making his handicap should drop and should shoot lower scores.

Aleksi played an average round of golf on the front 9 considering how well he knows he can play, however on the back 9 everything clicked and he started a ‘Tiger Come Back’.

On the back 9, he drove the ball beautifully with a nice draw and was very consistent from tee to green. On hole 10, he absolutely smoked a drive leaving himself only 40m in to which he used his 58, nearly pitching in and leaving him a tap in birdie from only 1 foot. It’s always a pleasure playing with Aleksi.

Tarlok, Akmal and Rahmat played a fun round together. Tarlok and Akmal struggled on the greens especially Akmal who had 5 putts on a par 3 hole. Amazing !

Tarlok played a steady round with a Gross 85, closely followed by Rahmat with a respectful 88 Gross.

Akmal continues to improve his game and with some more accurate putting , he could score much lower.

A big thank you to Mba Lina and the full team at Gunung Geulis for hosting us and taking such good care of the JAWS Sharks , we will be back soon

Well done to everyone for another fun day of golf! Playing well today was the overall winner Randy with a Net 64. Second place was Divya with a Net 69 and third place was Cindy with a Net 72.

Voucher Winners:

Imperial Golf- Tarlok. & Rancamaya- Gaurav and Ola.

Up next is our first noon game , Thursday the 25th June at Cengkareng, see you there !

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