the day that was 29th December 2020

Any opportunity to say goodbye to 2020 makes for a good day but doing so at Emerelda Golf Club with 30 Sharks, is extra special.  

The 8 flights took out all their 2020 aggressions by whacking away at Plantation and Lake on a beautiful Tuesday morning with net scores ranging from 69 to 85.  A big thanks to all who made it out for a fantastic day.  Look forward to taking on Emerelda again in the coming year!

Andy Coop, Veronica and Pras teed off from hole no 5 in plantation. It was a long day for all three sharks.  Andy, playing off a 6 handicap was struggling to get his long shots to be effective and be in play. Many of his drives were erratic and more than a few times landed him in the sand traps.

He did much better in the back nine where he was able to shoot a 40.  Veronica, still learning the ropes of the game, had some good straight shots from the tee and on the fairways. Her problem of the day was just trying to get on the ball on to, and to stay on the greens. She only had 1 par on the day on hole #7 plantation par 3. Pras also had a lot of trouble during the round at Emeralda.

Many of his drivers went to the penalty area, and also the wind caused him to be either short or over the greens. He managed to putt decently but the best that he could that day was scoring a nett 76 for the round.

It was a day of laughter mixed in with swear words for Iris, John, Ikwan and Shash.  Iris was, as always, very consistent in her play.  Her biggest challenged seemed to be ordering fish while on the course.  Shash had some struggle holes but looked really good especially off the tees.   His progress is amazing.  The rest of the flight was convinced Ikwan wanted a Bali trip as he spent a good part of his day in the sand.  He found moments of frustration but also started pounding mammoth drives.  John had a few good holes but completely fell apart on the greens missing way too many short putts.

As expected, Irwan, Hari, Guarav and Tarlok all found their share of pars with a few birdies sprinkled in during the day. Irwan looked good on Lake but found Planation and bit more troubling.  Tarlok, on the other hand, found his trouble on Lake and not as many pars overall as usual for him on the day.  

Gaurav was consistent on the front and the back but not his normal array of pars and birdies.  Hari found some trouble on hole 2 Plantation but looked good on Lake giving him as respectable net 69 on the day and a tie for first place on the JAWS Leaderboard.

Ruth, Mi Hwa, Firman and Afandy should have been advertised as the feature group on the day as 3 out of 4 placed on top of the JAWS Leaderboard.  Ruth found a consistent game on the front and back with only a few triples on Lake keeping her from hitting the top spot on the JAWS Leaderboard. Mi Hwa really found her stride on Lake with six pars and two bogies.  Afandy looked good on Lake and not too bad on Plantation with just a couple of struggle holes.  Firman was good on Lake but found his real magic on Plantation with a birdie and four pars. Good day for the all.

Yuris, Mike, Dave and Alberto all found some magic moments along the way.  After struggling early on Lake, Yuri hit three pars on the last three holes.  Mike hit six solid pars on the day with just a few holes keeping him out of contention.  

Alberto found some pars but also some struggle holes.  Dave was consistent on the front and back but not at the level he normally plays.

Arief, Widy, Aleksi and Kristyawan all found a bit trouble on the day but also some shinning moments.  

Arief kept is consistent with just a few too many doubles keeping him out of contention.  Widy found her pars along the way but too many triples as well.  Kristyawan had tough first and 5th holes on Plantation but also seven pars on the day.  Aleksi looked good on his long game but struggled short but only one triple and one double on the day.

A mixed day for Richie, William, Divya and Antoine.  Divya continues his terror on the course hitting 6 pars, and birdie and the 3 spot on the JAWS Leaderboard.  Antoine was just missing his pars with lots of bogies and trouble on Lake holes six and seven.  Richie stayed consistent on the front and back with only two blow up holes but also plenty of pars and a birdie.  William was also consistent on the front and back with just a few too many doubles keeping him out of contention.   

Teeing off on Hole # 4 on the Jack Nicklaus Plantation Course were Geoff, Michael and Simon. Simon was quick to notice a scarecrow in the paddy field was wearing a PINK JAWS Golf Shirt similar to the one being worn by Michael, which set the tone for a light and relaxing festive round.

Geoff in a rich vein of form after a nett 64 at Gading Raya with Teeset had a spring to his step. He picked off where he left off at the weekend, striking the ball solidly on the front nine and playing comfortably to his handicap. As the round progressed to the Lake Course, his game started to stall as two costly blow up holes blew the wagon off the rails.

Michael Muller, full of festive cheer and enthusiasm for the game distracted by the scarecrow hit his opening shot into the paddy field, miraculously the ball was playable as it was on a flat area and the ball was chipped out onto the green for a 2 putt bogey, to save what could have been a double. With a new set of irons from Santa in the bag, Michael looked well on course for a podium finish to nett, but like Geoff in the flight found trouble on the Lake Course with two costly doubles. The win was blowing a gale today and several holes were playing very long into the wind, challenging for the more senior players. Simon opened with a scrambling up and down on the first. It was a mixed bag also with two birdies but one too many bogeys. A solid drive of 260m followed by a wedge on Plantation Hole#8 was backed up by a uphill birdie from 20ft, on the 4th hole of the day setup what looked to be a stellar round and a sub-80 round. However, as the wind picked up in the late morning, the pars became more scarce and one too many mistakes cost him some pocket money.

Winners on the day

Hari Tian 1685691
Mi Hwa Yoon 1787702
Divya A1484702
Mike Evangelista 1486724
Ruth Lajousky2698724

Lucky draw Voucher winners

Afandi ZMatoa Voucher
William NoronhaMatoa Voucher
Tralok SinghMatoa Voucher
Alexi TMatoa Voucher
Richie TiblaniMatoa Voucher
Antoine VilletteMatoa Voucher



VIA.COM-Matchplay Shark 2021

Its that time of the year again …

The planning for the Match play 2021 begins with memories of 2020 WHITE SHARK CHAMPION, Hari Taufik winning it last year and Willi G coming in a close second. 

So for 2021 first of all please welcome our title partner for Match play of 2021.

 This years format remains same as last year with only 1 change, to participate in the 2021 VIA.COM JAWS MATCHPLAY for Shark of the year the one time participation fees will be IDR 250,000 as this allows us to include a JAWS custom made Match Play T-shirt for the players participating in the MatchPlay.

This custom made JAWS T-shirt will not be available to any other JAWS players except the VIA.COM JAWS Matchplay participants for 2021. 

34 Sharks have already signed up and if you are keen to participate please sign up in JAWS Networking as usual and also attached below is the Whats app link for the VIA JAWS Match Play 2021 private whats app group only for players or the event for 2021

If you are keen to participate in this to win the SHARK of the Year please click on the link to join this group.


The deadline for signing up to join the 2021 match play is the 14th February 2021.

The 2021 match play draw will take place after the game on the 19th February 2021

May the best SHARK win 

SINGGASANA JAWS WORLD CUP 2021 First rOUND- February 5th , Sentul Highlands

The JAWS WORLD CUP  will be an annual competition between a JAWS team from Asia Vs a JAWS team from Rest of the World.

1ST MATCH – FORMAT SINGLES-In singles, each match features one player from each team. The player with the lower score on each hole wins that hole. If their scores are tied, the hole is halved.

The competition will be contested every quarter and with a total of 4 rounds (one played every quarter) at the same venue with the format inspired from the Ryder Cup format of Four ball , Foursomes and Singles matches.


February 5th 2021 – singles matches – 15 players a side – two points per match 

April 9th 2021- foursome matches – 16 players a side – two points each per match 

August 6th 2021– four ball matches  14 players a side- two points each per match

November 12th 2021- singles matches – 15 players a side – two points each per match &  JAWS WORLD CUP team crowned

Excited much ?

For more details and to register for this amazing event Please visit THE JAWS WORLD CUP page on the JAWS website at


To register in your regions team, please contact on What’s app 

Asia – Captain, Gaurav Shirke +919999659844 or Pras Sutowo , Vice Captain , +6281212463485

Rest of the world – Captain, Willi Goldschmidt +628119515888 or Chris Lever , Vice Captain, mobile – 087878714019

May the best team of Sharks win !!


As we plan the JAWS 1st Anniversary Cup , fasten your seatbelts , get ready for a quirky and exciting day of fun and golf.

Sneak Peek of prize categories for Anniversary Cup

LUCKY DRAW- More than 50+ lucky draw prizes 
NEAREST TO PIN-How close can you get on on a par 3 
HOLE IN ONE- Cash Prize of IDR 25,000,000/- CHIP IN CHALLENGE-From around the Practice greens                             PUTTING CHALLENGE-Use a 3 wood to putt In                  
THE 5 PAR 5 CHALLENGE-  1st Par 5 – longest drive with 3 iron    2nd Par 5 – longest drive with a wedge    3rd Par 5  – longest drive with old school wooden head driver     4th Par 5  – longest drive – conventional with your choice of club    5th Par 5  – one club par- can you make a par using only one club on this hole for all shots , drive, second , maybe third , chipping if needed and putting (use only one club)                         
BEST DRESSED – Cool and Suave or Chic and Striking   OUTRAGEOUSLY  DRESSED- Surprise yourself and us


– Most improved JAWS SHARK in the last 6 months   – Most rounds played by a JAWS SHARK in 6 months  – Loudest JAWS SHARK   – Gentleman/Lady JAWS SHARK (One who follows all rules and etiquettes – Clubman of the Year- the SHARK who lives and embodies the JAWS spirit   – Great White SHARK on the year – winner of highest amount of Best Nett scores in 2020     

   🏆 Overall Winner Category 🏆             

A Flight 1-15 hdcp – Best Nett 1 and 2 and B Flight 16- 28 hdcp –  Best Nett 1 and 2

Other Prizes       –  Lowest Gross Overall

Match Format : Best Nett based on Jaws HC or other system handicaps like Grint or club handicaps but only after they are cross verified by JAWS admins


It is VITAL that at the end of a round that all scorecards are checked by at least 2 people in the group. 


And the card given in must be signed by 2 people.


Over the last few rounds there has been some chatter over the Rules of Golf and Golf etiquettes 

Golf is a game for ladies and gentleman, so when one goes for a round of golf be it: social or tournament golf one is required to behave as a lady or a gentleman and abide by golfing etiquette

Yes, JAWS is a golf society promoting camaraderie and fun on the course but abiding by our societies rules of etiquette we can assure you of a much better and valuable golfing experience for your playing partners and yourself.

Not only must we uphold our reputation as a society at golf courses, don’t forget to value your own reputation as a golfer on and off the golf course, after all… we are all gentlemen and ladies who choose to play a ladies and gentlemen’s game.

For more details on JAWS GOLF ETIQUETTES please click the link below. and lets all of us behave as lady or gentleman and abide by golfing etiquette

Lastly please also find below details on the USGA rules changes …click on the link to know more

Quick look at some of the major changes in the USGA rules..


Finally, next up is the Matoa Golf Club on Thursday 31st December 2020 , 6.30 am tee off , 48 players have signed up. 

See you there!!!!

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