the day that was 24th December 2020

Nothing says Merry Christmas like 44 Sharks swarming the fairways of Cengkareng. 

 The 11 JAWS flights began the holiday march in the wee hours of Christmas eve and finished up with net scores ranging from 65 to 84.  

A great day and good lead into the JAWS 2 man scramble round on December 31st. What better way to 2020 a proper farewell?

Pras, Yuris, Shyam and Imran were the first sharks to descend upon the course from the 10th tee. Imran, the sole single handicap was having a rough day at the office due an injured elbow.

He wasn’t able to hit his shots the way he wanted to which caused him to finish with an 81 net score. Shyam, the beginner of the group, was struggling to find his swing and his golf balls. His only good hole was on the 11th when he recorded a par for the day. Yuris was also struggling due to the heat and the long wait on the course. He still managed to get a par on hole 18 and a birdie on hole 9.

Pras played very well even though the fast greens affected his scores, which caused him to get a triple bogey and a double par.  He still manage to finish the round with a 72 nett score.

Great day out for Albert, Laurie, Avnish and Divya.  Starting off the round Avnish was determined to play well and set a goal of trying to break 90.  He hit some fantastic shots and with a birdie on the first hole which set the tone but some hard angles and tough shots made it a tough ask, he came back strong on the back 9 again and finished on the podium with a 91. Well played.

Easy going Albert was having a fun round. He had great banter with Divya and Laurie and the odd triple bogie. With the driver as a weapon and his long three woods he could soon be a 15 handicap, keep at it mate.

Laurie was on some wonder drug hitting is past most long hitters, at 75 to be able to drive 240 meters wow. His chipping and putting was not on song but still a great round. Divya started with 5 straight pars and then went to the bogie storm for 2 holes and finally a double par on the 8 th had him down.

The company of friends cheering him on, he refocussed to end the 18th with an eagle, first ever in his 9 years of golf and a great memory, one for the bank.  A great fun day out.

The foursome of Giles, Aldi, Parman and Simon tee’d off at 730 from Hole #10. During the busy morning days play. Giles was full of enthusiasm to play and his first shot was symbolic, long and wild.

Playing with a fast tempo, Giles wasted no time to hit shots with aggression. The highlight was a booming drive on Hole #18, the Par 5, leaving just 125m in for his second shot on, a drive calculated at around 325m, unfortunately a 3 putt Par followed. There is no doubt with some fine tuning, more confidence and practice Giles could be a force to be reckoned with.  

Aldi was steady from the first tee. A solid 6 handicap, not overly long off the tee buy very straight and consistent. After a slowish front nine, he turned it up on the back recording a total of 5 birdies and low Gross for the day with a 76. A real exhibition of putting all day.

Parman played to his strengths and solid off the tee. His 3 wood proved very effective today hitting a low stinger which gathered plenty of roll. After a topped tee off on hole #3, he played a miraculous 3 wood from 220m onto the green and with a 2 putt par secured a net birdie.

A solid 72 net and another good day at the office. Simon, started the round in good shape. With a birdie carded on hole 14 the Par 5 made the turn with a 38. Solid as ever off the tee, leaving himself chance after chance to attack from the fairway.  

As the round slowed down in the back he lost his rhythm and his swing, and the short game chipping and putting was too casual. Something to improve in the New Year.

Not wanting to expose their golf secrets nor their shortcomings to the younger set, Tom, Dougy, Kevin and Cucu formed up and set out to bring one of JAWS’ favorite courses to its knees. Then they began play and discovered the course had the upper hand.

Although they ended up netting 73, 74, 75, 76 they all suffered from the blow-up hole blues. Kevin’s 10 skewered his comeback dreams; Dougy’s bunker travails were on display and videoed;

Cucu’s penchant for following a par with a double par kept her score north of the plateau established in her Teeset championship victory; Tom wasted many an excellent drive by not making contact with the clubface on subsequent shots. An unfortunate number of lost balls – many falling in the ‘normally findable’ category – kept their low-scoring ambitions in check.

Kevin would likely trade some of his lost kilos for a few lost balls. However, hope sprang eternal and the men recorded some excellent pars while Cucu won low putts signaling a return to form with that aspect of her game. No. 8, our second last hole, featured three pars after which, to the delight of the caddies, spectators, and television audience the par shooters did a rousing rendition of ‘Everyone scored 3 except ….. Cucu!!’

Dougy’s round was commendable in that his 89 was not indicative of his overall play. Several short putts would have put him in the money. Kevin carded 104, Cucu 102, Tom 96. A fine day for golf.

Subash, Grant, Louis and Iris had a mixed day out.  Subash found his stroke with six pars and a birdie.  Grant also found plenty of pars along the way.  Louis found a par and some bogies but also let a few evil triples sneak in.  Iris found, as usual, was honed in with five pars and a birdie but a few triples kept her off the JAWS Leaderboard.

For Emil, Marvin, Michael and Shash, there were plenty of pars to be had on the day.  Emil hit pars 8 times on the day.

Even with an unfortunate double par on 16, he still managed to place  8th on the JAWS Leaderboard.  

Marvin hit plenty of pars and an impressive birdie in the third hole.  In between were a few struggle holes that kept him off the JAWS Leaderboard.  

Shash found some good holes along the way but wasn’t as consistent as usual. 

It was a mixed bag for Bobby, Dennis, Marco and Herman.   Bobby shot consistently with very few mistakes leading to a shared 4th place on the JAWS Leaderboard.  


Dennis had some good play on the front nine but found trouble on the back.  

Marco found his pars along the way but too many doubles kept him out of contention.  Herman struggled on the day and is primed for an amazing comeback in 2021.

Also a mixed bag for the low handicapped team of Guarav, Tarlok, Srinivas and Hilson.  Tarlok found enough mojo to place 6th on the JAWS Leaderboard.  

With a few too many bogies, Guarav justr missed the cut.  Srinivas and Hilson both struggled and are ready to take it back next Tuesday at Emerelda. 

Hari, Arif, Salmar and Rendy all came in hitting low and standing tall.  These low handicappers were clearly the featured group of the day.  

Hari’s consistent play put him 2nd on the JAWS Leaderboard for the day.  Arif just missed the cut with a blow up on the 4th hole.  Salmar found his pars and a birdie on the 13th and just missed the cut as well.  

Randy had some struggles that kept him off the JAWS Leaderboard but also on impressive nine pars on the day.  

A special thanks to Kurt , Olivia , Eka, Rani and Mba Eri besides the Cengkareng Ops Team for making it a special Christmas Eve round!

Well Played  to the Winners

Best Nett 🥇 /💰Rp.700,000 / Nett 65 / Divya

Best Nett 🥈 / 💰Rp. 600,000 / Nett 66 /Hari Taufik 

Best Nett 🥉/ 💰Rp. 500,000 / Nett 67 / Priyagi

Best Nett 4 / 💰 Rp. 350,000 each / Nett 69 / Bobby & Avnish

Best Nett 6 /💰Rp. 300,000 each / Nett 71 / Bob Subash & Tralok Singh

Best Net 8 / 💰Rp. 100,000 each / Nett 72 / Pras, Parman, Micheal Muller, Emil, William

Low Gross 

76 Gross // 💰Rp.400,000 // Aldi Ichsan

Low Putts

29 Putts // 💰Rp. 300,000 // Cucu Chandra

1*Weekday Golf Voucher for Rawamangun ⛳:

– Randy, Laurie, Rajiv, Hilzon

1*Weekday Golf Voucher for Cengkareng ⛳:

– Iris, Shashvat, Albert Santos, Kevin Dobson & Dougie McQuarter

1* Weekday Golf Voucher (2 pax) for Matoa ⛳: 

– Imran Harun




BLOCK YOUR DATES– As we plan the JAWS 1st Anniversary Cup @ JAKARTA– Tentative dates being 26th 2021.- get ready for a PGA Style golf winner of 18 holes Best Nett becomes the ANNIVERSARY CHAMPION 

Watch this space for more details coming soon.


In planning for 2021 , JAWS Golf Society is pleased to launch another great year round event for 2021.

The JAWS WORLD CUP  will be an annual competition between a JAWS team from Asia Vs a JAWS team from Rest of the World.

The competition will be contested every quarter and with a total of 4 rounds (one played every quarter) at the same venue with the format inspired from the Ryder Cup format of Four ball , Foursomes and Singles matches.

Excited much ?

For more details and to register for this amazing event Please visit THE JAWS WORLD CUP page on the JAWS website at


To register in your regions team, please contact on What’s app 

Asia – Captain, Gaurav Shirke +919999659844 or Pras Sutowo , Vice Captain , +6281212463485

Rest of the world – Captain, Willi Goldschmidt +628119515888 or Chris Lever , Vice Captain, mobile – 087878714019

May the best team of Sharks win !!


It is VITAL that at the end of a round that all scorecards are checked by at least 2 people in the group. 


And the card given in must be signed by 2 people.


Over the last few rounds there has been some chatter over the Rules of Golf and Golf etiquettes 

Golf is a game for ladies and gentleman, so when one goes for a round of golf be it: social or tournament golf one is required to behave as a lady or a gentleman and abide by golfing etiquette

Yes, JAWS is a golf society promoting camaraderie and fun on the course but abiding by our societies rules of etiquette we can assure you of a much better and valuable golfing experience for your playing partners and yourself.

Not only must we uphold our reputation as a society at golf courses, don’t forget to value your own reputation as a golfer on and off the golf course, after all… we are all gentlemen and ladies who choose to play a ladies and gentlemen’s game.

For more details on JAWS GOLF ETIQUETTES please click the link below. and lets all of us behave as lady or gentleman and abide by golfing etiquette

Lastly please also find below details on the USGA rules changes …click on the link to know more

Quick look at some of the major changes in the USGA rules..


Finally, next up is the Emeralda Golf Club on Tuesday 29th Dec -7 am tee off , see you there!!!!. 33 players have signed up and only 7 spots left open , sign up asap if you are keen to join this event

On another note – the final event of 2020, on the 31st Dec event at Matoa is now fully booked with 48 players for a 2 man Scramble.

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