The day that was 19th March 2021

JAWS at Matoa National, Friday 12pm, March 19th, 2021

 “I have a tip that can take 5 strokes off anyone’s Golf game, it’s called an eraser.“   

  • Arnold Palmer

40 JAWS Golfers headed to South Jakarta’s Matoa National: one may say the best value for Golf money can buy here in Jabodetabek. We must keep our fingers crossed that these sacred links will remain open for business over the next few weeks, especially with the JAWS vs Fillicom Matchplay event scheduled for Saturday 27th March upcoming, as the following day news was circulating in the local media regarding a legal battle between the Golf Course management and the army forcing the course to close to the public abruptly. Nonethless Friday 19th could not have been better for the JAWS players with the first nine, for most players, played well under 2 hours with a little bit of halfway traffic on the turn as the sunset golfers tee’d off looking for a sneaky nine holes before dark. All 10 flights finished in good time and drinks and merriment was shared in the upstairs function room with the large windows looking down towards the 18th Hole revealing a beautiful sunset to wrap up the day’s play.

The flight of Pras, Diana, Rosie and Rika was the first to tee off from Hole#1 at Matoa. Pras’ string of good luck has officially ended as his round consisted of mostly bad shots or unlucky bounces that led to plenty of double and triple bogeys as he scored a measly 82 nett for the day. Rika also had a bad day at the office as she kept duffing her shots of the tee and on the fairway. She also struggled to correctly predict the uneven green speeds at Matoa. Rika finished with a 85 nett score for the round. Rosie had a pretty good day on the course. On the first 9 she managed to score 4 pars, but as the day got longer and the pace of play became slower it clearly affected her game. On the back 9 she only managed to score 2 pars, but all is well as she finished the day with a nett 71. On the other hand, Diana had tremendous round of golf while everyone else in the flight was struggling. Her long tee shots and multiple one-putts were key in her finishing the round with a nett 66 and was the winner of best nett overall for the day.

In the second group off tee box 1, saw the MP between Long hitting Emil and new golfer Steven. This was a see saw battle of good hole bad hole between the players. In the end the experience of Emil prevailed in a 3/2 win. Steven will surely get better with his nice stroke in 2021. Willi and Fernando completed the foursome. Both played well except for a couple of bad holes. Willi’s double par on the back nine hurt a lot but he still finished top 5 with a net 70. Fernando’s gross 84 was good but not good enough for a prize. Overall an entertaining round enjoyed by all 4 participants.

The third fourball of the day on this beautiful afternoon at Matoa National was that of Srinivas, Ben, Laurie and Willie N.

Srinivas and Ben were playing their matchplay which the former won 4 and 2.

Starting Shotgun on the 11th tee saw Willie N get 4 consecutive Pars and had a fantastic round of golf with 8 Pars and finishing the day with a Gross 83, Nett 68 thereby also winning the Best Nett 2 amongst 40 Golfers that participated.

Laurie played a decent round but had a few blow ups thus shooting a few strokes over his handicap.

 Srinivas played some very mediocre golf shots in the front nine but was a different player and eventually came back well in the back nine and ended up winning his matchplay against Ben and shooting a Gross 89. Ben on the other hand had an off day and was slightly inconsistent off the tee that cost him the matchplay and a gross score of 112.

Another excellent day out at Matoa for the 4 ball of Priyaji , Geoff, Bobby and Divya

Priyaji kept hitting bombs with his new SIM 2 taylormade driver and converting awesome pars with a few misses whilst a tired Bobby after 36 holes from the previous day just watched in awe, not having a good day himself clearly fatigued from his marathon day previously.

Geoff was Geoff with a few pars some double bogies and laughter all the way around and Divya played steady golf but his putter betrayed him with more than 4 misses on 3 foot putts and less. Overall a fantastic day of Golf in good company.

Chris, Giles, Aryan and Punit started together on hole 12. Aryan started well with a par but then made a triple and a 9 on the par 5. As a relative newcomer to golf he showed that he has a good swing and will get better. The same can be said about his dad, Punit who is also learning the game. Punit generally played bogey or double bogey golf with a few pars. Chris mostly played par, bogey golf apart from a few doubles. He ended up with Net 74, 2 over. Giles started with a par and played well. His score could have been lower with some more accurate putting. His highlight was a birdie on hole 4 and his long driving was spectacular at times. A delay on hole 10 didn’t distract the flight from a fun round of golf.

The first fourball for the day off Hole #10 was: Simon, Eli, Hani and Rhihanna. Simon played steady par golf on the front nine shooting 2 over with 7 pars and 2 bogey’s with some solid one putts turning several bogey’s into pars getting up and down several times. With a long wait on the turn to start the back nine, rhythm was lost and his game turned a little sour with too many bogey’s and double’s on the card. Welcome to Eli, a social golfer with a great attitude and appetite to improve his game. Although his final score was above his handicap, he played with a smile on his face and his good spirits, and his scores are sure to improve quickly. Hani and Rhihanna were endless fun all day, full of banter and jokes with a good supply of popular music pumping form their speakers from start to finish, although scoring a few above their handicaps they enjoyed their games and were pleasant company all day. The highlight of the round may have been when Hannah’s drive on Hole #1 (10th of the day) was wayward to the left and heading towards the golf cart of Simon and Eli (who had impatiently driven on ahead to try and speed up play) taking two bounces on the golf cart path before coming the rest in the plastic cup of Simon’s Gin and Tonic: Free Drop was declared, no closer to the hole!

The 2nd group off of hole number 10 was a 3 ball: Jim, Bram and Luke. Bram being the lowest HDCP of the group had very strong drives and a very consistent round with 7 pars to his credit. He would gone on to shoot a 45 on both the front and the back. For a gross of 90 and a net of 78. Then there was Jim who seemed to struggle on the first 2 holes but got his game together making solid contact  through the day. He got a very lucky Birdie and 5 pars, He would score a gross of 91 and a net of 71 to tie for 5th Best Nett.  The group had a newcomer present: Luke Carpenter, welcome!  This was his 1st outing with JAWS.  Luke has a very strong swing and a great attitude and I believe with a few adjustments his game is sure to come around. Luke posted a gross score of 122.  It was a pleasursble round for all in this flight as all players enjoyed themsleves.

On this day Imran, Kholifan, Iwan and Charles headed to hole 10 teeing off at 12:40pm, after Friday prayers. Imran tee’d off first and went slightly to the right, followed by Kholifan whose ball went slightly to the left side of the fairway while Iwan and Charlie’s ball found the center of the fairway. It was a bit battle of a battle for the high handicaps: Iwan and Charles, both not very familiar with Matoa National. Imran played solid golf all day with a string of pars with many good chips and putts resulting in a Gross 78 and Nett 70 for a Best Nett 4 shared. Kholifan started to feel pain on his chest early in the round and withdrew after 9 holes, get well soon! Imran, Iwan and Charles then continued and finished the game in the dark due to very slow flight which jumped infront starting from hole 1 halfway through their round.

The second group teeing off at 12:40pm after Friday prayers were: Randy, Hari Taufik and Stefanus. Randy continues his solid form, and put together a very tidy 83 Gross. With form like this you can see why he has become an integral part of the JAWS interleague matchplay team, recently playing in the singles format. Hari Taufik, also had a solid day on the links, shooting just a couple of strokes above his handicap. Having spend the last few months submerged in the books and studying, it’s great to see the 2020 JAWS Matchplay Champion playing well and with more rounds under his belt will be the force to be reckoned with that earnt him the 2020 title once again in no time. Completing the flight was Stefanus, who also shot a few strokes above his handicap, but nonetheless had a solid round of consistent ball striking keeping the ball in play. A few missed putts and close shaves kept him out of the money, but a enjoyable round for this three ball.

The last group teeing off at 1240 were: TPS, Gaurav, Ola and Parman. Ola and Parman were playing their MP in what turned out to be a very close encounter with the lead exchanging hands on several occasions. Two very different styles made this duel all the more interesting with Ola and his brute force and power booming drives 300m+ and Parman and his shorter distance but pinpoint accuracy hitting fairway’s and Green’s. Perhaps the forgiving and open layout of Matoa allows for the more aggressive style and Ola made the most of some lucky break as he finished strong after being 3-2 holes down fighting back to win 1 up on the last hole, with his handicap and distance, he may well be one of the favourites in the 2021 matchplay event. Gaurav, having just about recovered from his marathon birthday week of golf and festivities put together an up and down round.

Some good shots and some bad shots, but a lack of consistency of the tee and on the green cost him a spot in the winners circle but with his pedigree will be returning shortly. TPS made up the flight and was like kid at Christmas gaming his new TM Sim Max 2 wood. Using it as often as possible his flight members watched in awe as he stripped it solidly and far on several holes and it clearly was a good investment. With his solid all round game it is clear how he has managed to reduce his handicap so quickly combined with a sheer love for the game.

Congratulations to the Winners:

  1. Diana Budiarti  – Nett 66
  2. Willie Noronha – Nett 68
  3. Priyagi – Nett 69
  4. Parman, Imran Harun, Willie G  – Nett 70
  5. Jim Korbilas & Rosie – Nett 71

Low Gross: Randy Albert (83)

Best Dressed: Rika Maulida

Baby Shark (most balls lost): Iwan L

Lucky Draw Winners

4* Weekday Green Fee Voucher for Emeralda Golf Club:

  • Luke Carpenter, Srinivas Murthy, Hanny Nakai, Hari Taufik

2*Weekday Vouchers Jagorawi Golf & CC:

  • Bobby Cangkrama & Laurie O’Connor


The 2021 JAWS member T-shirts are here and are being distributed over 180 plus shirts have been already give out to all JAWS members , balance 20 left for players to collect on the next round they play, please collect your T-shirt from Simon Reynolds.  


It is highly recommended that all JAWS SHARKs please 

1. Wear a face mask ideally wherever possible. This is not only for your own protection but also for the protection of all around you. 

2. Make sure you wash your hands regularly.

3. Lastly , If you have been in close contact with a confirmed case: *get tested ASAP* or stay home and self isolate for minimum 10 days.

We believe that most golfers and definitely all SHARKs will behave as responsible adults and will take sensible precautions to prevent themselves or others from getting Covid-19.

The JAWS member FACE MASKS are also here , please collect your free (Origami , 4D) face mask at the next game 


Round one deadline to finish your match on or before 11th April 2021

May the best SHARK win 


JAWS won 3 matches , drew one and lost one to get a total of 7 points and now sits in second place on the table 

The next match is scheduled for 23 rd May , 11.30 am Tee Off at Riverside GC and the Capt and Vice are now thinking of how to move towards the top spot on the league and deep in strategy planning for the same.

In the same breath JAWS has 3 rounds planned before May 23rd at Riverside and this will give the Capt and Vice a chance to have the troops try out and see ideal combinations for success.

Well played Capt and Vice for round 2 and for being in second position 



ROUND 2 – April 9th 2021– foursome matches – 20 players a side – two points each per match 

FORMAT- FOURSOMES– In foursomes, each two-man team plays one ball per hole with the players taking turns until each hole is complete. 

Players alternate hitting tee shots, with one leading off on odd-numbered holes, and the other hitting first on even-numbered holes. The team with the low score on each hole wins that hole. If their scores are tied, the hole is halved.

May the best team of Sharks win !! , the race to 61 points in on !!!


It is VITAL that at the end of a round that all scorecards are checked by at least 2 people in the group. 

NET SCORES MUST BE CLEAR and the card given in must be signed by 2 people.


JAWS is a golf society promoting camaraderie and fun on the course but abiding by our societies rules of etiquette we can assure you of a much better and valuable golfing experience for your playing partners and yourself.

Not only must we uphold our reputation as a society at golf courses, don’t forget to value your own reputation as a golfer on and off the golf course.

For more details on JAWS GOLF ETIQUETTES please click the link for more details 

They will be spending the balance amount on the rental of the accommodation for the children.

Please also note the next 2021 JAWS CHARITY DAY is scheduled for 23rd July 2021, watch this space for more details soon.  


Finally, next up is our regular Tuesday game on the 23rd of March at the lovely Riverside Golf Club, with our 08.00 am tee off.

Please sign up as usual in the JAWS Networking WA group if you are keen to join this round , presently 16 players have signed up.

See you there !!!!  🦈⛳🦈

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