the day that was: 13 April 2021 @ Pondok Cabe

Field’s of Green 

JAWS at Pondok Cabe Golf 

Tuesday 6:30am & 8:00am, 13h April 2021

“The reason why a pro tells you to keep your head down is so you can’t see him laughing.”

  • Phyllis Diller

13 JAWS Golfers headed South to Pondok Cabe Golf and enjoyed a Golf Course in great condition and blazing blue skies and sunshine on the first day of Ramadan, fasting month in 2021. The empty fairway’s and quiet ambience most probably due to limited activity from the local Golfing community who are easing themselves into the fasting period, most of which will play after lunch afternoon in time to finish their game and break fast simultaneously. Kudos and respect to all our caddies and the staff at the club who begun their fast on the day with no complaints. Pondok Cabe with its great price, course layout and economical prices for f&b post golf is slowly becoming a JAWS favourite course and we look forward to our next return already.

Stef, Emil and Giles played in the first flight at 6:30am. With their round being held up for only 1.5 holes, they managed to get round in an impressive 3hrs 15mins. Stef stole the show with a great back 9 and a nett 69 😉 his short game was a joy to witness. Emil had the luckiest ball ever, even though he tried and tried to lose it in the trees, it managed to find its way back in play! There was no luck, but all skill with the group’s only birdie on the 12 hole. Giles can be described as the Bogey man today. Despite finding many fairways and only 100m left on most par 4, his approaches let him down. At least his chipping was on point with multiple up and downs and a great sand save on 17. Was a great round and many laughs were shared.

The trio of Pras, Kent and Ivan teed off together from tee box 1 at Pondok Cabe, one of the three 6:30am flights: Ivan was the only one in the group who managed to shoot under his handicap as he finished the day with a nett 70 and tied for third place of the day. A very impressive feat as he has only been playing golf a little more than a year. Like most newcomers to the greatest game ever played, Ivan still has difficulties controlling the strength of his putts. Which is the only aspect of his game that seemed to be in need of improvement. Pras was having difficulties with his driver all day as he was unable to hit a single shot with it that was satisfactory. His putting was in solid form as it helped him score two birdies from 15 feet. Pras finished the round with a nett 77. Kent recently injured his back which resulted in a disastrous round in every facet of his round. The highlight of Kent’s round was when he holed a 20-foot par putt from outside of the green at hole 6. Kent finished the round with a nett score of 83.

Simon, Roger and Gaurav were the first and only of the 6:30 flight’s teeing off from Hole #10. This trio of low handicappers also decided to walk the 18 holes to save a dollar or two on the cart fee, burn some calories and enjoy a very walkable golfing layout. Simon begun the round by ripping a drive down the heart of the fairway, which was a common sight for his partners, leaving a 100m PW to the pin, followed by a 2 putt regulation Par. He proceeded to record 8 pars and one bogey on the front nine for a 37 but was a little disappointed as he had 4 very make-able birdie putts of around 8-12 feet, a loose back nine of 41 resulted in a Gross 78 and a Nett 72 to finish just outside the day’s winners. Roger recorded an up and down and colourful scorecard, recording birdies and doubles, on a round that sometimes made the hard holes look easy and the easy holes look hard. His driver lacked consistently which put to much pressure on recovery and approach shots but he clearly enjoyed the weather, company and walk to record a respectable nett 75. Gaurav playing off the highest handicap of these low handicappers, 10, was playing the course for the first time. After three holes he commented to his playing partners on his approval, charmed by the courses rustic beauty, open fairways, well maintained greens, unique layout and the bonus of military aircrafts flying overhead, the complete package. Gaurav also rallied well and scored 2 birdies on his opening nine thanks to some very tidy putting, which cancelled out a triple and a few bogey’s as he recorded a 39 on the front and well oncourse for some money. As the morning sun got warmer and his leg’s (which usually enjoy golf carts) got fatigued and heavy resulting in a few loose shots resulting in a back nine of 46 and a respectable nett 75, not bad considering it was his first time playing the course.

Jim, Chris, Divya and Bram started on hole number 10 with the sun shining and perfect golf conditions. Jim started with 2 doubles and was having problems off the tee but then made 2 pars after that and a Gross 44 on the first 9 holes. He then made a birdie on hole 1 and a birdie on hole 7 and played well apart from one double par and shot a Nett 68 to take first place overall. Chris was also having problems with his driver but his recovery shots were successful especially on hole 16 were he made a birdie. He continued to play a steady game and shot 2 under his handicap. Meanwhile Divya and Bram were having their own private duel. Divya was hitting his drives long and made mostly pars apart from a few doubles. Holes 1-9 were slightly better and he made birdie on hole 5 and shot a Gross 83. Bram was also hitting the ball very long but some drives went astray and cost him. A Gross 43 on holes 10-18 was followed by a Gross 46 on holes 1-9 and would have been much better but for a few triples. However Bram’s duel ended in success. Overall perfect conditions, and an empty course and lots of laughs for the late group.

Congratulations to the Winners:

  1. Jim Korbilas  – Nett 68
  2. Stefanus – Nett 69
  3. Chris Lever, Ivan  – Nett 70

Lucky Draw Winners

2* Weekday Green Fee Voucher’s for:

  • Emil Marcelo (Sentul Highlands)
  • Gaurav Shirke (Riverside)

Other News:

  • Good luck! to all JAWS 2021 Matchplay contestants competing in the Round  2 games as MP chief Chris Lever has released the schedule, with some standout big match ups, the deadline to complete the 2nd Rounds games: is the 10th June
  • The JAWS Hammerhead Cup 2021 event is well and truly under way with 3 JAWS regular rounds completed. A reminder to all participants you need to have played a minimum of 6 JAWS rounds to compete in the event, over the 3 month calendar period. The average of your 6 lowest JAWS games in this period goes through into the competition.


The 2021 JAWS member T-shirts are here and are being distributed over 160 plus shirts have been already give out to all JAWS members , balance 30 left for players to collect on the next round they play, please collect your T-shirt from Divya Ahuja 


It is highly recommended that all JAWS SHARKs please 

1. Wear a face mask ideally wherever possible. This is not only for your own protection but also for the protection of all around you. 

2. Make sure you wash your hands regularly.

3. Lastly , If you have been in close contact with a confirmed case: *get tested ASAP* or stay home and self isolate for minimum 10 days.

We believe that most golfers and definitely all SHARKs will behave as responsible adults and will take sensible precautions to prevent themselves or others from getting Covid-19.

The JAWS member FACE MASKS are also here , please collect your free (Origami , 4D) face mask at the next game 


Round one deadline to finish your match on or before 11th April 2021.

May the best SHARK win 

Interleague schedule and results for 2021:



ROUND 2 – April 9th 2021– foursome matches – 20 players a side – two points each per match 

FORMAT- FOURSOMES– In foursomes, each two-man team plays one ball per hole with the players taking turns until each hole is complete. 

Players alternate hitting tee shots, with one leading off on odd-numbered holes, and the other hitting first on even-numbered holes. The team with the low score on each hole wins that hole. If their scores are tied, the hole is halved.

May the best team of Sharks win !! , the race to 61 points in on !!!


It is VITAL that at the end of a round that all scorecards are checked by at least 2 people in the group. 

NET SCORES MUST BE CLEAR and the card given in must be signed by 2 people.


JAWS is a golf society promoting camaraderie and fun on the course but abiding by our societies rules of etiquette we can assure you of a much better and valuable golfing experience for your playing partners and yourself.

Not only must we uphold our reputation as a society at golf courses, don’t forget to value your own reputation as a golfer on and off the golf course.

For more details on JAWS GOLF ETIQUETTES please click the link for more details 


Finally, next up is a 4 club challenge at the Jagorawi course in at 12pm (Noon) on Friday 16 April. Dont’t miss it as these technical challenges dont happen often …

Please sign up as usual in the JAWS Networking WA group if you are keen to join this round , presently 10+ players have signed up.

See you there !!!!  

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