The day that was 30th July 2020

JAWS headed West to the manicured golf course of Kedaton. Good conditions saw the 13 adventurous golfers enjoy a fun day out.

The day started badly for Widi as can be seen on his pic on hole 12 (1st hole).

It then got worse as he hit at least 12 bunkers on the day.

His great putting did not save him in the end as he returned with a 96.

Firman started great with pars and bogeys everywhere. But then a few bad drives hurt him resulting in triples and double pars. Despite a birdie near the end he finished at 96.

Great talent so he should win a few competitions in the future. Fernando started slowly with 4 bogeys but then a stretch of birdies and pars helped him to 39 on the front. The pars dried out and a 43 on the back nine was the result for a very respectable 82, net 71.

Joko, Parman and Ivan played together.

Pak Joko played very well, the driver was accurate and he had some good pars but also some triples on the par 5 holes but he has the potential to be a winner in the future.

Ivan is a young player who played well and shot his handicap. He can drive the ball long and but sometimes slices the ball. He is another player that will improve and he has a fighting spirit.

Parman played very relaxed golf, each shot was consistent, his drive was accurate and long which made his second shot easier.

He achieved his best score so far with 83 Gross and 68 Net to be ‘Champion of The Day’. Well done !

With a last minute entry, Imran joined the last flight of Ola, Panji, Divya and made it an even more exciting four ball.

As Ola and Divya battled it out in the First match play for the SHARK of the year , Panji and Imran played steady golf with great booming drives and precision putting.

With a see saw match play the tides turned up and down eventually in the favour of Ola winning in the end with  2 up , excellent play by Ola who managed to make a birdie as well as an excellent par, even after a penalty on a par 5 and dug deep to eventually proceed to the next round.

All in all, a fantastic day with the course in pristine condition and great weather. 

Jim, Arief and Agung played  together.

The 3 some started on the back 9 with Arief starting off strong while Agung and Jim struggled on the first few holes.

All 3 three guys got it together after the turn and played more consistently.  

Arief won his match play against Jim and locked it up on the 17th hole. It was a good battle between them.

Arief’s victory was achieved by his chipping around the greens. Good luck Arief in the next round.

Some low scores today but the ‘Champion of the Day’ was Parman who shot a Net 68. In 2nd place was Arief with a net 70 and close on his heels in 3rd place was Fernando with a Net 71. Congratulations to everyone who took part in this event.

Thank you Mba Dian and Pak Kusdiman and the team at Kedaton for a great day out and taking care of JAWS.

SHARK OF THE YEAR results by knockout

Ola VS Divya- Ola moves to the next round

Arief VS Jim- Arief moves to the next round

Lucky Draw Winners: Voucher for Emeralda won by Panji and vouchers for Cengkareng were won by Firman and Joko.

Next up is the TAKARA GC on Tuesday at 8 am the 4th of August , see you there!

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