the day that was 14th August, 2020

A large turn out of 34 players enjoyed the scenic views of Sentul Highlands Golf course. There was some concern about the weather but although cloudy everyone managed to complete their game.

Fernando, Chris, Satya and Willi G started on hole 15.

Chris made a good start with a par but then seemed to let the Matchplay with Fernando get to him and made too many errors.

Fernando was also affected by the matchplay but did enough to win the Matchplay by 3 and 2.

His driving was long and accurate all day which added to the pressure on Chris.

Meanwhile Satya showed his class at times with his easy swing and long drives. He made a birdie on the 18th hole and played mostly par and bogey golf and a Gross 82. Willi G mostly played par, bogey golf but had a few bad holes and played 5 over his handicap.

Aidan,Rizky, Agung and Kristiyawan played in the same flight. Rizky and Aidan fought out a close matchplay with Aidan just overcoming Rizky.

Aidan had a Net of 73 and Rizky a Net 76 to show there was not much in this match.

Kristiyawan played a solid game with a Net 77 and played mostly par, bogey golf. Agung found the course tough and will hope to play better next time.

The first flight of Hole 13 the short par 4 was Divya, Sari, Hari Taufik and Simon who were playing their Matchplay.

Any signs of potential rain quickly disappeared and the round was enjoyed under glorious afternoon sunshine. Sari was super chuffed and her ball striking improved as the round went on, and some good putting allowed her to break 100 and pick up Best Nett 1 tied.

Divya, always up for a challenge, full guns blazing, attacked the course. His tee- offs were struck with conviction all day long, backed up with a solid short game, he shot 73 Net, only one shot short of best Net.

Simon and Taufik battled from Hole 1 and Simon’s irons were letting him down but he relied on a solid short game to get up and down on more than one occasion to stay in the game.

The game twisted and turned with both players being 2 up at one stage but in the end Hari T’s accuracy and consistency proved too hard to beat.

Simon’s consolation was that he managed to hit a 260m drive and win the Longest Drive Competition. Exciting match and congrats to Hari Taufik.

Aldi, Parman, Yudi and Srinivas played in the same group. Parman was playing Yudi in the matchplay and it was a good contest with Yudi defeating Parman.

Yudi played relaxed golf and was very accurate with his driver and second shot. Parman tried his best but missed several short putts and eventually lost to Yudi. Aldi and Srivinas also played matchplay.

Aldi drove well and his approach was good.

Srivinas also played well apart from some slices off the tee and showed some lovely chipping skills. In the end though, Aldi just did enough to win.

The group starting from tee-box 12 were full of anticipation. Wayan and Nick were playing their Matchplay, alongside JAWS newcomer, Alwi, and loyal Jakarta golfer, Ruth.

It was Ruth who set the standard for the afternoon with a birdie on the first hole, after that she had some decent hitting but needed more confidence on and around the greens.

Alwi started with a few wayward shots but soon settled into a solid fairway finding routine, with an impressive chip in birdie over the bunker on the par 5 third hole.

Wayan and Nick started neck and neck, with Wayan’s solid hybrid giving him good looks for birdie and par on most holes. Nick’s big driving was let down by some average iron shots and timid putting.

As the sun began to set over the lovely Sentul Highlands, unfortunately Wayan had to leave early for work so the match went Nick’s way. Next round for Nick against Willi at Permata Sentul. 

Bobby and Fitrat had their matchplay. It was a very tight fight on every hole. Bobby managed to make 3 birdies on the first 9 holes from outside the green and thus made a comfortable 2 holes lead and then closed the matchplay with a 3 hole lead with 2 holes to play.

Joshua was driving long and nicely made the green in regulation on most holes, however his putting seemed off  and he often turned pars into bogeys. Good social networking for the 3 players and a chance to make new friends and have fun.

Flight 11A.  Ola, Pelle, Benji and Vijay had a great day in the Sentul Highlands Golf Course.  The beer preparation for Ola, Pelle and Benji started in the car from Jakarta. 

However, the tactic did not work and the first couple of holes were quite miserable, except for Vijay who took another warm-up tactic and stayed off the beers. 

At the first par 3 Benji came alive and hit a rescue to some 5 m from the flag making a par, closest to pin was won at this hole at 4.25m.  Vijay kept his tactics with no beer and did play a stable 93.  With strong confidence he made a bet with Benji to finish strong with a Birdie, which unfortunately did not happen.

Pelle shot 98 but proved to be the flight’s best putter with 31 and also a strong beer consumer. 

Ola kept up the beer consumption, and overall didn’t play well, 103, but had a few good drives and even more into the forest. His highlight was probably winning a game of killer in a pool game after the game and outbattling Chris on the very last ball.   

The trio; Will, Widy & Taufik started on tee box 10 with Taufik playing for his official JAWS handicap and went on to score Gross 95, similar to the last time he played .

Widy made many one putts but sometimes found the greens challenging and there were so many “damn it” moments on the green.

Will’s driver was a little off the chart as well and was not his best day. While this group might be going home empty handed, nevertheless the trio had a good time on a challenging course.

Diana, Jim, Lora and Zulkifli played in the same Group. Both Lora and Zulkifli were playing for their handicaps with JAWS and both found the course tough.

Diana played close to her handicap with a Net 76 and close to the winners.

Jim played well on the front nine but slipped a little on the back 9 and ended with 5 over his handicap.

Congratulations to the winners today. First place was shared by Hari Taufik, Sari and Yudi who all shot Net 72. Tied 4th place was shared by Aidan and Divya, Net 73.

Longest Drive: Simon- 260m. Nearest to the Pin– Satya, 430cm.Low putts: Bobby, 28.Lucky Draw

Vouchers for Gunung Geulis won by Diana, Lora, Srivinas, Joshua and Zulkifti.

BIG thank you to Mba Sarlis and the Sentul Highlands Management Team for taking care of us again and organising a successful event.

Other News
The Matchplay Results: Fernando beat Chris, Hari Taufik beat Simon, Aidan beat Rizky, Yudi beat Parman, Aldi beat Srivinas, Bobby beat Fitrat and Nick went through as Wayan had to withdraw.

.JAWs V DOGS- 5th September– We have 24 players signed up for this event at Permata Sentul.

Please sign up for this event, a practice round is possible for this MATCHPLAY as part of the normal JAWS SCHEDULE at Permata Sentul on 21st August Friday , sign up as usual.

Next up is Imperial golf Course Tuesday 18th August, see you there !

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