the day that was 6th October, 2020

Warm sunshine greeted the 20 golfers to Cengkareng Golf Club. Our early morning tee off was rewarded with perfect conditions and the opportunity to enjoy a pretty golf course.

Starting on the first tee this week was Hanny , Diana, Supachai and Jim. Supachai and Jim both started off with 3 pars in a row. They had a pretty good day, both ending with a Gross score of 89. 

The 2 Ladies of Jaws, Hanny and Diana were driving the ball right down the middle of the fairways. Both played well and Hanny finished with a 98 Gross Net 68 to take 1st place this week. Great job!

The 3rd foursome off #10 (in TV lingo – “the featured group”) had a super day at Cengkareng. Only Cucu found the fairway with a great drive on the opening hole. Unfortunately that was the closest she came to challenging the leaders for the rest of the round. Sterling drives and decent putting could not offset too many SLBFAG (Strokes Lost Between Fairway And Green) – a new statistical category forwarded to the LPGA for consideration.

A high percentage of Tom’s superlative shots existed only in his imagination and he had to fight tooth and nail to slip into the money list. Aleksi’s scorecard was respectable – nothing over 6 – but didn’t tell the full story of many par and bogey saves from improbable positions. He kept us alert and amused by providing colour commentary in 2 languages from start to finish. Richard let his clubs do the talking and came in with 10 pars and 2 birdies. A pair of sevens did him in on a day when he made a slew of remarkable second shots after wayward drives.

Laurie, Chris, Yuris and Willi  started on hole 10 with lots of optimism but for some strange reason they all were affected by the DOUBLE DISEASE.

All four players scored 50 or more on the first nine holes. Laurie and Yuris just both had an off-day.

Yuris seemed to be magnetised by the number 6 and shot 14 sixes which is unique.

Both  Chris and Willi both improved on the back nine, Willi scoring a Gross 46 and Chris recording a Gross 45.

Gaurav, Subash, Pras and Kent played in the same group. Gaurav played the course excellently, especially managing to get out of sand traps with ease and recovering well. He shot an impressive Gross 80 and scored 37 Gross on the back nine. Subash played with his usual smooth swing and swagger, but struggled to hole his putts.

Pras and Kent both suffered during the round, however Pras managed to get 3 pars. Kent managed to hit many fairways and he managed 3 pars.

Great day out for the four ball of Dea , Richard Mau , Terence and Divya.

Starting strong with pars and a few birdies it all went downhill after that for Divya and carding an above 90 score.

Richard played steady and consistent golf with one odd blow out hole, but he was in good spirits, and lifted everyone’s spirits.

Terence had some shining moments with 2 birdies and showed that soon he could be a low handicapper whilst Dea had an average round with strong scoldings to the putter who was again misbehaving. 

All in all a fun round.

Congratulations to the winners

In first place was Hanny, Net 68. Second place was Gaurav, Net 69. Third place was Jim, Net 70 and fourth was Tom, Net 72.

Lucky Draw

Vouchers for Riverside: Laurie and Bob-Subash.

BIG thank you to Ibu Olivia , Mba Eka and Pak Kurt and the entire Cengkareng Team for taking care of us again and organising a successful event.

In other News

The JAWS Matchplay:

The final will be played on the 30th October at Permata Sentul.

Hari Taufik Vs Willi G

For the 3rd place play off: 

Arief Dharmawan Vs Taufik B.

JAWS V Teeset- 6th December

We have already 19 players. Please sign up for this event-


It is VITAL that at the end of a round that all scorecards are checked by at least 2 people in the group. NET scores MUST BE CLEAR ! 

Next up is the 2 person Texas Scramble at Jagorawi on Friday 12.15 pm , see you there !!!

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