the day that was 9th October, 2020

The Friday noon tee off saw us return to our home course away from home, Jagorawi, to play the prestigious Jagorawi Old Course.

The format of play was a two-ball/two man scramble, where JAWS members were free to tee it up with their preferred and chosen golfing partner for the day, with a team handicap being set: based on 35% and 15% of respective players handicaps.

13 teams and 26 players tee’d off with team handicaps ranging from 6 – 13, in the two-ball scramble format, where each team has two balls in play but the best ball is selected for each shot until the ball is holed, with a minimum of 6 tee shots taken from each player.

A very fun and competitive format, and in a game like golf which is such an individual sport, where we play against the course and Par, the scramble offers a refreshing take on the game, promoting teamwork, communication and strategy skills towards producing a competitive score.

All kinds of interesting conundrums sprung up like: who hits first? who putts first?Factors which can make a big impact on the outcome of the team’s performance and final score submitted.

The Old Course is renowned amongst the local golfing community as being one of the most challenging golf courses in Indonesia.

Although not long in length, the course is very tight and narrow in places, and has several very undulating fairways and multi-tiered greens, which can putt like glass on the slopes.

The scramble is a great way to tame the beast, as two balls can be very effective, with teams getting two shots to choose from, and effectively a great read on each green. A huge advantage on such a challenging course like the Old Course.

The Jagorawi management once again successfully provided a course in top condition, where despite regular rainfall, the fairways were well trimmed and rolled well.

The rough consistent and suitably thick and the bunkers both on the fairways and greenside were raked and well packed with sand.

The greens were cut to a manageable speed, fast enough to make your palms sweat but not too fast as to lose sleep.

The Play Several teams obviously gelled very well on the day, combining their strengths, and producing gross scores below par.

There were four teams who shared the two top honours of Best Nett I – III, a clear sign of well selected team selection, and strong teamwork on the day.

The Results:

Best Nett I – Tied:
Rp. 1,300,000/ teamThe Caddy Sharks of Gaurav Shrike and Nick GoodwinGross Score: 68 / Handicap 7 / Nett 61

The Good Guys of Jim Korbalis and Simon ReynoldsGross Score 69 / Handicap 8 / Nett 61

Best Nett III – Tied:Rp. 650,000/teamDos Putas of Aleksi Tiihonen and Aidan LoponGross Score 71 / Handicap 7 / Nett 64

Grip it and Rip It of Marvin Abao and Emil MarceloGross Score 71 / Handicap 7 / Nett 64

Overall, the feedback from the players and the fun that was had, suggests that there will be another two man scramble in the future, potentially on the New Course next month, which is to be confirmed, so watch this space.

It was also a great opportunity for JAWS players to experience the thrill and excitement of going low, making birdies, being below par, and grinding out a score with your fellow golfing partner.

An interesting change from our regular individual Best Nett format on JAWS days where the responsibility lies purely on your own shoulders and maybe a bit on your caddies. 

Well Played to all the participants!

Next up is the Imperial Golf Club , see you there on Tuesday , Happy Golfing!

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