the day that was 13th October 2020

A bright sunny morning welcomed the 19 JAWS golfers to Imperial Golf Course and they were rewarded with good conditions on the course.

Brook Koepka once said, “being in the fairway, I think the fairways are a little bit more overrated.”  For the Jaws team starting off of 11 (Sari, Hari, Aleksi and John), hitting the fairways was definitely the exception to the rule. 

Hari was the exception.  Coming out of golf retirement, it only took him a few holes before he was hitting long drives and finding the fairways.  Aleksi didn’t need to hit the fairways.  After hooking numerous drives, he managed miraculous second shots out of trouble and was more than solid within 100 yards. The fast greens didn’t intimidate Sari. 

She had beautiful chips that got her within striking distance and rarely missed the putt.  John struggled off the tee but managed to get past the ladies tee every time. He was thankful for that and the fun group he played with on a beautiful day.

Supachai, Chris, Gaurav and Pras started on hole 10. Supachai started off well with a birdie on the first hole and continued his consistent play throughout the round with a Gross 41 on the back nine and 5 pars to finish with a Net 69 and second place overall.

Unfortunately this consistency did not rub off onto the other players.

Gaurav had a few wayward drives and struggled with his putting at times. He played better on the back nine with a Gross 44 but generally had an off-day. Meanwhile both Pras and Chris wished they had stayed in bed.

Pras drove the ball well and putted well but was very inconsistent and frustrated. Chris was all over the place and couldn’t get his game together today apart from a birdie on hole 7.

A fun day out for the 3 ball of Dea , Wahyu and Divya. Wahyu started like a tour pro , playing precision laser like shots and putting with steel like nerves and ending his front 9,  one under 35.

On the back 9 he played more aggressive and was driving 300 (a la Bryson de shampoo- hello Giles) and eventually finished scratch on the course. 

Dea was hitting the ball cleanly and shaping her shots very well but a change in putter did not help and she lipped out most holes, a grind.

Divya started slow with a bogie and that was the story for his day with pars far and few in between double bogies and the odd bogie. All in all, great fun.

Starting on hole #12 was Chairul, Ridwan, Tigor & Jim. Ridwan started off very strong with a couple of pars and both Ridwan & Tigor finished with a Gross 91 whilst Chairul struggled a little bit.

Watching him play you can see that it won’t be long until you’ll see him on the leaderboard. 

Jim played his typical nine good holes, losing control of his driver on the back nine.  Imperial will now be one of Jim’s favorite golf courses in Jakarta.

Irwan, Tarlok, Parman and Arif played in the same flight. Irwan started with two doubles  but then made 3 pars in a row.

The rest of the round was mainly par, bogey golf. Arif played mostly double bogey golf with a few good pars in between. Tarlok’s round was littered with bogeys and five pars. He however managed to make a birdie on hole seven. Parman played a steady round today with a Net 74 and joint third place overall.

Congratulations to the winners

In first place was Aleksi Net 67.

Second place was Supachai, Net 69. Joint third place was Harit, Parman and John, Net 74.

Lucky Draw

Voucher for Sentul Highlands: Ridwan

Vouchers for Jagorawi: Tigor, Gaurav.

BIG thank you to Mba Sasa and the Imperial Team for taking care of us again and organising a successful event.

Other News

The Matchplay:

The final will be played on the 30th October at Permata Sentul.

Hari/Taufik V Willi G

3rd place play off:

Arief v Taufik B.

JAWS V Teeset- 

6th December We have already 19 players. Please sign up for this event or speak to Captain Tralok for more details.


It is VITAL that at the end of a round that all scorecards are checked by at least 2 people in the group. 

NET scores MUST BE CLEAR ! And the card given in must be signed by 2 people.


Orders have now been placed with the factory and we are soon to receive the JAWS Caps.

Order yours now with Simon Reynolds or message in JAWS Networking to get your JAWS CAP.

Lastly next up is the lovely Bogor Raya, see you there this Friday!

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