the day that was 29th January 2021

Before we go to the day at Matoa GC , have you signed up yet for the JAWS ANNIVERSARY CUP 2021?

Since spots are filling up fast , please sign up at the earliest , venue is EMERALDA GC,  date is 26 TH FEBRUARY 2021

   🏆 OVERALL WINNER CATEGORY 🏆             

A Flight 1-15 hdcp – Best Nett 1 and 2 and B Flight 16- 28 hdcp –  Best Nett 1 and 2

Other Prizes       –  Lowest Gross Overall

Match Format : Best Nett based on Jaws HC or other system handicaps like Grint or club handicaps but only after they are cross verified by JAWS admins, 


  • Most improved JAWS SHARK in the last 6 months
  • Most rounds played by a JAWS SHARK in 6 months
  • Loudest JAWS SHARK
  • Gentleman/Lady JAWS SHARK (One who follows all the USGA Rules and Golfing etiquettes) 
  • Clubman of the Year- the SHARK who lives and embodies the JAWS spirit   
  • Great White SHARK on the year – winner of highest amount of Best Nett scores in 2020   


Participant Details/ Who can join – This JAWS event is an open event , open to all and any golfer, from any and every society, as long as they are able to produce a verifiable USCA HC either from their Golf Club or their Golf Society or from Golf Apps like Grint or mygolf2u or any other such golf handicap application. 

Tee Time – 12 noon but for golfers that will be praying tee off will be 12.30 pm 

Entry Fee –  Rp 950,000/- per golfer, this amount includes- 1 round of Golf , Dinner, a Golf T-Shirt , Goody bag and participation in the Lucky Draw on the day 

Your Booking Slot – for the Anniversary Cup only confirms post JAWS receiving the payment at the below banking details

Bank          – BCA  

Name        – Mahwati 

Number    – 4971691705 

Branch      – KCU BUMI SERPONG DAMAI, Indonesia

To confirm your slot for the AMS presents , JAWS 1st Anniversary Cup , please make the payment to the above BCA account and send the proof of payment to Mr Chris Lever by whats app at Mr Chris +62 87878714019

Heavy rain, thunder, sirens blaring, crowded tees.  For the 27 Sharks it just another typical Friday afternoon at Matoa Nasional Golf Course!  

The seven flights took off just after noon as the storm clouds loomed ominously.  Most were into their 5th or 6th hole when the heavens opened up and the sirens of death wailed.  

The delay was short however.  Just long enough to have a cheeky beer or coffee and head back out to do what Sharks do.  The results were net scores ranging from 69 to 89 and lots of laughter and stories on the 19th hole.  

A shout out to Veronika for bringing us a big box of freshly made pastels.  Lezat! A big thanks to all who came out and made it an incredible fun day that went into the night. 


Starting on hole 10 were Geoff, Chris, Bram and Albert. Geoff was slow off the blocks but once several refreshing Bintangs were consumed, he became fully charged and played some great golf.

His poor start cost him in the end though. Bram showed that he has a superb swing and has the potential to be a low handicapper. He showed glimpses of his potential on the round but was too inconsistent especially with his short game.

Albert started off with his driver but found that this club was unreliable and he later reverted back to his 3 wood and played mostly bogey golf and, as a consequence, his golf and scoring improved.

Chris played well, especially on the back nine with a gross 43. A few wild drives however cost him with several triples. Despite a short period of rain, the group had lots of laughs and fun on the golf course.

Teeing off from Hole #12 were the Sharks: Richard Berg, Veronika, 17-year old Jang Hyun Ji and Admin Simon Reynolds. 6-Handicapper Richard, was excited to be back in play after some time on the sidelines recovering from a slipped disc.

Interesting to have three male single handicaps playing from three different generations: a six and two seven’s making up the flight. Richard looked sharp as always in his shiny black footjoy tour shoes.  He had an up and down round which was understandable after two months of not playing. As the round progressed the 6 handicap began to shine through, and his smooth tempo settling in as per normal, helped keep the youngsters in the flight calm, welcome back Richard!  

Veronika armed with a new XXIO Driver, was in good company, and was generous as ever bringing a box of freshly baked pastels for the flight which went down a treat in the grey, gloomy and wet weather, any left overs were quickly mopped up in the clubhouse by some feeding Sharks.

The New Driver looks like a good investment with longer distance off the tee and better accuracy, the 28 handicapper, relatively new to the game is developing a solid swing and lower score are beginning to show step by step. Great to see a 17-year old Junior joining us for a JAWS game, and with a 7 handicap a great addition to the diverse group of Sharks. At 185 cm and still growing, this kid has game hitting a powerful high and low draw off the tee and with his irons not to mention a good touch with his wedges and putter. After an ordinary first nine 5 over, 3 birdies on the back nine including a birdie, birdie finish resulting in a 76 gross and nett 69 and Best Nett 1 honors for the day.

Looking forward to JHJ’s return to Jakarta as he returns back to Incheon South Korea next week after his family golfing holiday in Jakarta.  Admin Simon, was clearly excited, teeing off with two other singles. Solid off the tee, Simon consistently hit his tee ball long and in play allowing him to fire at the greens with his irons. Unfortunately, his irons let him down and not enough greens in regulations put too much pressure on his chipping and short game to save par and many occasions. His wedge play and putting stood to the test getting up and down more times then not allowing him a cheeky Best Nett 6 74 and some pocket money to buy a couple of beers.

1st 4 some going off on the 1st hole was Cucu, Tom, Giles and Jim. Jim started off ok with 4 bogeys but struggled on and off of the tee box all day.  Tom seemed to be playing an average round all day.

A very straight player. Giles hit the ball like a mad man with some drives over 290 yards played a great front nine but struggled on the back nine with 8 bogeys. But still had a great game   

Then there was 1.  Cucu was straight off of the tees and had 9 one putts. She had a great game with a 72 net and took 3rd place on the JWS Leaderboard. Congratulations!

Yudhi, Yasing and Punjung were challenged by the weather conditions but all found momentum as the game progressed.  

Yasing started off strong with straight drives hitting two pars on the first three holes but struggled on the last six holes of the first nine as the rain hit but then picked up his game again on the back nine just missing birdies for pars.   Joining a little late, Yudhi found some early struggles that were tough to recover from with errant shots that went far left.  Punjung hit and impressive birdie with a blind shot from the fairway and an elevated green.  The ball rolled up and stopped a half foot from the hole.  He almost did it again on the last hole ending an impressive round and the number one spot on the JAWS Leaderboard.  Good job! 

The 7th Flight, Imran, Fadli & Abdul Razak went straight to the 10th hole to tee off. Three balls were nicely hit into in the middle of the smooth fairway as a result of solid and smooth impact on the driver.

Both Fadli & Abdul Razak struggled to reach the green while Imran’s 2nd shoot landed nicely on the green. It was a birdie for Imran and, unfortunately, the only birdie on the day as he struggled with his iron shots and putter which cost him a lot of unnecessary strokes.

Fadli & Abdul Razak, who are close friends, demonstrated the true meaning of friendship. Most of their balls from tee off landed close to each other. They also shared the same final score at the end of the round. What a true friendship they have.

TPS, Yu Ji Hong, Yu Min Young, and John all found time to laugh in between rain delays and oversized flights playing in front.   Like father, like daughter.  

It was impressive to watch both Yu Ji Hong and Yu Min Young play with their effortless swings that more often than not led the ball to where it was supposed to go.  Yu Min Young couldn’t quite getting her putter going well enough to be in contention.  Yu Ji Hong had a few errant drives that led to trouble and kept him out of contention.  

TPS had a day.  He started out strong and finished stronger.  Hitting beautiful drives all day he never found and real trouble and was rewarded with the number 2 spot on the JAWS Leaderboard.  John never found any momentum.  Aside from a few good drives, he struggled on his short and long games.  Enough said on that.  


Name Gross NettRank 
Jang Hyun Jin  76691
 Punjung Nugroho  95691
 TPS  84722
 Cucu Chandra  99722
 Gaurav Shirke  84733
 Tom Grace  96744
 Simon Reynolds   81744


William Noronha

1* Weekday Golf Vouchers-

 Albert Santos  
 Yu Min Young  
 Srinivas Murthy   
 Fadli (guest) No 




The 2021 JAWS member T-shirts are here and are being distributed over 130 plus shirts have been already give out to all JAWS members , balance 60 left for players to collect on the next round they play, please collect your T-shirt from Divya Ahuja 


It is highly recommended that all JAWS SHARKs please 
1. Wear a face mask ideally wherever possible. This is not only for your own protection but also for the protection of all around you. 
2. Make sure you wash your hands regularly.
3. Lastly , If you have been in close contact with a confirmed case: *get tested ASAP* or stay home and self isolate for minimum 10 days.
We believe that most golfers and definitely *all SHARKs will behave as responsible adults* and will take sensible precautions to prevent themselves or others from getting Covid-19.

The JAWS member FACE MASKS are also here , please collect your free (Origami , 4D) face mask at the next game 


Its that time of the year again …

So for 2021 first of all please welcome our title partner for Match play of 2021.

This years format remains same as last year with only 1 change, to participate in the 2021 VIA.COM JAWS MATCHPLAY FOR SHARK OF THE YEAR the one time participation fees will be IDR 250,000 as this allows us to include a JAWS custom made Match Play T-shirt for the players participating in the MatchPlay.

This custom made JAWS T-shirt will not be available to any other JAWS players except the VIA.COM JAWS MATCHPLAY participants for 2021. 

55 Sharks have already signed up , LAST DATE IS 31ST JANUARY and if you are keen to participate please sign up in JAWS Networking as usual and also attached below is the Whats app link for the VIA JAWS Match Play 2021 private whats app group only for players or the event for 2021

If you are keen to participate in this to win the SHARK of the Year please click on the link to join this group.


The deadline for signing up to join the 2021 match play is the 31st JANUARY 2021.

May the best SHARK win 


The JAWS WORLD CUP  will be an annual competition between a JAWS team from Asia Vs a JAWS team from Rest of the World.

ROW- Capt and Vice C

1ST MATCH – FORMAT SINGLES– 20 players a side , In singles, each match features one player from each team. The player with the lower score on each hole wins that hole. If their scores are tied, the hole is halved.


Flight 1. Nick R HC 4 vs Divya A HC 12 and Simon R HC 7 vs Fitrat A HC 6
Flight 2. Mark HC 16 vs Hilzon M HC 14 and Willi G HC 17 vs Arnold HC 16
Flight 3. Chris L HC 17 vs Taufik B HC 21 and James B HC 10 vs Bobby C HC 11
Flight 4. Aidan L HC 14 vs Srinivas M HC 14 and Aleksi T HC 12 vs TPS HC 12
Flight 5. Fernando G HC 15 vs Gaurav S HC 12 and Giles T HC 9 vs Tarlok S HC 13
Flight 6. Iris R HC 12 vs Randy A HC 10 and Richard B HC 6 vs Subash A HC 13
Flight 7. Will A HC 28 vs Pras S HC 19 and Ola J HC 28 vs Audie K HC 21
Flight 8. Geoff T HC 18 vs Willi N HC 18 and Albert S HC 25 vs Parman F HC 14
Flight 9. Jens R HC 14 vs Emil M HC 17 and Eric HC 18 vs Imran H HC 9
Flight 10. Jim K HC 21 vs Marvin A HC 12 and Kevin HC 28 vs Diana S HC 28

May the best team of Sharks win !! , the race to 61 points in on !!!


It is VITAL that at the end of a round that all scorecards are checked by at least 2 people in the group. 


And the card given in must be signed by 2 people.


Over the last few rounds there has been some chatter over the Rules of Golf and Golf etiquettes 

Golf is a game for ladies and gentleman, so when one goes for a round of golf be it: social or tournament golf one is required to behave as a lady or a gentleman and abide by golfing etiquette

Yes, JAWS is a golf society promoting camaraderie and fun on the course but abiding by our societies rules of etiquette we can assure you of a much better and valuable golfing experience for your playing partners and yourself.

Not only must we uphold our reputation as a society at golf courses, don’t forget to value your own reputation as a golfer on and off the golf course, after all… we are all gentlemen and ladies who choose to play a ladies and gentlemen’s game.

For more details on JAWS GOLF ETIQUETTES please click the link below. and lets all of us behave as lady or gentleman and abide by golfing etiquette

Lastly please also find below details on the USGA rules changes …click on the link to know more

Quick look at some of the major changes in the USGA rules..


Finally, next up is Emeralda Golf Club, on Tuesday the 2nd February 2021 , 8 am tee off, 14 players have signed up , if you are keen to join this event please sign up asap. 

See you there!!!!  🦈⛳🦈

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