the day that was: Emeralda River and Lake on 4 June


Friday 4th June 2021, 

23 JAWS Sharks headed up the Jagorawi Toll Road and to exit 18 to play Arnold Palmer’s River and Lake 18. This Championship Course is alway’s in emmaculate condition, with some of the most tricky and fastest rolling greens in Jabodetabek, and combined with his challenging hole layout proves to be a tough challenge for even the sharpest golfers. With 3 JAWS matchplay’s scheduled on the day, the scene was set for some intriguing outcomes! 

After being active as a social golf community for 16 months and counting JAWS has already witnessed some magical moments: Two Hole in Ones from one flight and one golf cart…. could it get any better… Simon Reynolds Admin and JAWS Interleague Captain recorded an Albatross on Hole 8, Lake Course, the short Par 5, holing his second shot from 180 yards with a 5 iron. An unforgettable and priceless moment for the JAWS player and a few jugs of beer were bought all round for the players who stayed back after the game to share the moment together. Research in the US reveals: 


Scoring an albatross is one of the most unlikely scores on a hole. Only 10% of golfers are capable of achieving this.

The odds of achieving this heat is rated as 6,000,000 to 1 compared to odds of 5,000 to one of a low handicap golfer scoring an ace.

So, if you manage to score an albatross, remind your playing partners that the odds of them scoring one is 17,000,000 to 1.” –  (

In case one has wondered what JAWS stands for – ‘Jakarta Albatross Weekday Society’, so we hope this will be the first of few more to come. Keep swinging Sharks!

First Flight off Hole #3 Lake at 12:00pm were Willy N, Meher, Tom and Cucu: It was a quite a pleasant afternoon and probably what would one say an ideally dry but a hot day to play a good round of Golf at the Emerelda Golf Course.

Willie N. started with a Par and Cucu with a Bogey whereas Tom and Meher had not such a good start.

Willie N was consistent throughout the round and shot a nett 2-under – 70 nett to win the best nett 2. He also won the nearest to the pin on the Par 3 eight hole on the lake course.

Cucu on the other hand also played some solid golf finishing with nett 1 under – 71 nett thereby taking the neat nett 4th.

Tom has some mixed holes. had a 10 sandwiched between a Par and a Birdie. Finished with a nett 77.

Meher found the weather to be too hot and was dehydrated and had to stop after 9 holes. 

Second flight off Hole #3 Lake were Divya, Fernando, Douglas and Stefanus: Douglas making his first Jaws appearance. Douglas boomed his first drive 250m on the par 5 with a great swing and form. We quickly wondered if his 18 handicap was real. We all know all Scots are born single handicappers … but there were no further wondering given he hit his second way right in the hazard. Rest of the day for him was a mixture of great irons shots, drives that could go anywhere and rusty chips and puts. Nevertheless, we all could see the talent and predict some great rounds in the future. Welcome to Jaws Doug!

Divya had a super consistent day. Par recoveries after the few bad drives or bad approaches or bad chips all over the score card … Putting was as always exceptional. He was flirting with a sub 80 round until the next to last hole were he double bogeyed. Amazingly this single handicap has only broken 80 two times!

Fernando had two days in one. A sequence of 9 consecutive holes were he played just a couple strokes over par and a sequence of 9 holes were he averaged a double bogey. Probably the cold medicine pills wearing off or kicking in … who knows as he was a bit under the weather. No worries, this great white shark of 2020 will play great again soon.

Stefanus was a pleasure to watch. Smart course management, good overall game and awesome to play with. Unfortunately his game was hot and cold. Par par par then double triple, rinse wash and repeat … the one aspect that never left him was the putting. He made many crucial puts from all distances. 

Overall, a great group of fun players although no one ended up with a score low enough to win anything … 

First flight off Hole #2 Lake at 12:00  were Jim, Andrew, Priyagi and Michael: Andrew one of the newer players with Jaws. He is a very consistent golfer. His drives appear to be effortless, but fly long and straight. This was his first time playing at Emeralda. He played a good game and now has a good look at what the tough greens of Jakarta are offering to golfers. Andrew scored 2 birdies and 6 pars with a gross score of 80 and a net score of 77. He also won closest to the pin! 

Next in line was Michael. Not one of the longer hitters but very persistent.  Michael struggled a little on his long game. But shined when he got on the greens. Many attempts of some very long putts and with a great eye, that left him with many tap- ins. He scored a gross 103 and a net 79. 

3rd in the group was a very hard swinging Priyaji. I haven’t seen very many people swing this hard. This was a plus for a long drive. His long game was on track but his putting was compromised by a very poor caddie. Costing him many strokes. So after 12 holes. He ignored his caddies suggestions and was able to hole 2 putts for 2 birdies from 30 feet or more. Priyaji scored only 1 par but made 2 birdies. with a gross score of 100 and a net of 84.

Last in the group was Jim. He started out playing a great round. He was 3 over after 6 holes. But that didn’t last. He struggled like always with his short game. Which left him with many long putts and at Emeralda. That’s not good. He scored 1 birdie and 5 pars and a gross score of 89 and a net of 70. 

These guys had a lot of fun. Thank you Emeralda for a very well maintained golf course.

First flight of Hole #1 Lake at 12:00pm were Pras, Aidan, Willi G and Diana: Pras played well in the front nine, playing to his handicap, but struggled greatly at the River course due to the narrow fairways and the faster than normal green speeds that repeatedly caused him to have to putt three times. Pras finished with a nett 76. Willi’s day was the opposite of Pras’. As he was struggling during the first nine holes but managed to scramble back in the back nine. Willi finished the round with a nett 73. Aidan and Diana had their matchplay at Emeralda. It was a tightly contested match that saw both golfers trading leads through all 18 holes. After 18 holes the score was all square. The match was decided on a sudden-death, chipping and putting contest that resulted in Aidan finishing with less strokes than Diana, clinching his victory.

Second flight of Hole #1 Lake were Simon, Aleksi, Hari Tian and Punjung: Simon and Aleksi were competing in a MP, with Simon giving 7 strokes to Aleksi so he knew he had to be on form. An opening birdie 3 on Hole#1 got the ball rolling and followed up with another birdie on Hole#4 after hitting his 5 iron on the Par 3 to just 6 feet. Aleksi was playing solid golf and battled to stay in contention from start to finish booming long drives around 300 yards! On Hole #8, Lake, The Par 5, Simon produced a moment of magic holing his second shot from 180 yards for an albatross… and after a Chip in for birdie on Hole#10 it was safe to say it was his day…. and after a late rally from Aleksi sealed the MP 3 & 1, shooting a Gross 73 (including 5 birdies and an albatross) for a Nett 67 to take Best nett 1. Aleksi, was let down by some wayward iron play and a cold putter came in with a Nett 80, despite some very good play from the Teebox.

HarI Tian and Punjung were also playing their MP. With Hari Tian giving Punjung 6 strokes. Hari Tian got off to a flying staff hitting solid drives off the tee and iron apporach play and at the halfway point was 4 holes up. Unfortuantely on the back nine his putter went cold missing a series of very short putts letting Punjung gather some ground and get into the game with his steady play tee to green. Kudos for Punjung for staying patient and making the most of all opportunities as he battled well to finish 18 holes at AS. Keeping to JAWS MP regulations the MP was to be settled by a putt off, with the putting green by the driving range the chosen location. In the end the putter of Hari Tian came back to life and he won the putt off to advance to the next round, Pujung finished the round with a nett 71 to share Best Nett 4.

Third Flight of Hole #1 Lake at 12:30pm were Chris, Bobby and Subash: Chris, Bob-Subash, and Bobby played in the last flight starting on Lake hole 1. Chris started very well with 3 pars and a bogie but then had a triple. He managed a respectful Gross 46 on the Lake. He made another good start on River but he then struggled with some downhill putts and turned pars into doubles. His driving was good today but a few second shots found the River and he suffered with his score due to these wayward shots. Subash was generally steady all day. His smooth swing was working with his driving and irons but instead of getting pars he often made bogies. He ended up with a respectful Gross 88. Bobby didn’t start well but soon got into his normal swing, hitting long drives and hitting most greens in regulation and often making pars. Despite not starting well, he made a Gross 44 on Lake. On the River course he started with a long drive but then went into the water twice and made a triple on River 1. For the rest of the holes,  he played well with some excellent pars and some bogies.  

Despite some slow play, the group enjoyed the round on a Friday afternoon.


Congratulations to the Winners:

  1. Simon Reynolds  – Nett 67
  2. Jim Korbilas and Willie Noronha – Nett 70
  3. Cucu and Punjung – Nett 71

Lucky Draw Winners

1*Weekday Green Fee Voucher’s for:

Diana (Cengkareng)

Aidan (Modern)

Tom Grace (Modern)

Aleksi (Emeralda)

Next Up on the Playing Schedule:

8th June – Tuesday: Jakarta Golf Club

11th June – Friday:  Bogor Raya

13th June – Sunday:  Interleague Round 4 at Riverside

15th June – Tuesday: Pondok Cabe

17th. June – Thursday: Parahyangan 

18th June – Friday: Parahyangan 

22nd June – Tuesday: Gading Raya

25th June – Friday: Jagorawi

29th June – Tuesday: Imperial

JAWS Singgasana World Cup 2021

  • After 2 rounds of the JAWS Singgasana World Cup, Team Rest of the World after a solid Round 2 (Foursomes) have pulled clear of Team Asia: Team ROW 33 / Team ASIA 27. The next Round 3 (Fourballs) will be August 6th at Emeralda, GET READY!

JAWS Hammerhead Cup 2021 – weekly update:

Best Net 6 scores decides the winner!

End date: June 30th.

Update – 8 games left to play 

UPDATED LEADERBOARD 28.05.21: Players with  6 good scores so far: 

  1. Jim K = 425
  2. Simon R = 428
  3. Willi G = 432
  4. Pras = 436
  5. Gaurav = 436

6.    Divya = 439

7.    Chris = 442

7. Aleksi = 442

9. Fernando = 444

10.    Bram = 445

10. Willie N = 445

11. Bobby C = 458

12.  Ruth = 464

13. Stefanus = 465

Players with good scores but not yet played 6 games:

Albert: 74, 68,69,70

Stefanus: 69, 77, 78, 83, 83

Richard Berg: 72, 73, 74

Subash: 73, 79, 75, 73, 75

Aidan: 68, 66, 71, 74, 74

  • Round 3 INTERLEAGUE – A Great performance for the JAWS team! With 7/10 points! To close the gap with frontrunners DOGS to 2 points.


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